I am so over writing this!

This is my third attempt at writing this post and I keep messing up or deleting it! 

Mason Jars!

When I decided to make them I didn’t realize how many and how much time it would take. I need to make 70 of them and I’m only at about 45 or so. Anyone wanna come and make the rest with me? No? I figured that. haha I probably should be working on them instead of writing but my cat is taking a snooze on me and I’d like to pretend I’m doing it so I don’t wake her up or have to move it but in all reality I’m tired and am lazy as hell. haha 


Nora is so close to crawling it’s insane! I honestly doubt she will be by the wedding but we shall see. I hope she is! Elli is going though this stage of telling us “no you do (insert activity) too”. It drives my fiancé insane and me too. haha I guess that’s just the age she’s at! I’d really like another baby but I fell like if we do I’d probably lose my mind so maybe in a few years? haha 

New posts??

Assuming anyone actually reads this would anyone enjoy outfit of the day posts? I used to do them on my Instagram and would love to do them again if anyone is interested. If not then I’ll quietly stay on my Instagram with that. Haha Or maybe even a mommy day with nothing but mommy posts? I don’t know but if anyone would like any of that let me know! 

And as always stay beautiful! XOXO- Jackie

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