Pizza Party Saturday Night?

Honestly I’m loving this blogging thing! Woohoo we have some readers! Probably just my Mom but you know at least that counts for something! haha We are currently parked getting pizza for dinner and my two year old is talking about batman. Anyone else’s child obsessed with superheroes? Or is it just mine? I swear I thought they both would be into barbies but nope superheroes all the way! haha Whatever makes her happy! Her arms are covered in hulk rub on tattoos and honestly I’ve given up on on the endless arguments her and her Dad have on witch superhero is better. She swears hulk he swears batman. Who do you all like? I honestly like Superman but don’t tell my fiancée that! He would leave me over that. haha Just kidding but he loves batman. But anyway, I think we are going to make Monday’s a Mommy Monday and Wednesday Outfit Of The Days. That gives me a little more to write on then my random posts I’ve been doing. I feel like they have been very short and I feel like I can do better with an actual idea of what I wanna write about. Anyone actually care? Probably not but I’m just starting and I’m happy with the 3 views I have now. haha 

And as always stay beautiful! 

Xoxo- Jackie 

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