Buying Different Flower Girl Dresses?

I’m so annoyed. We have had our girls flower girls dresses for like 3 months and I go to try them on today and my oldests dress is so big it’s falling off of her and my youngests is so big it fits my oldest. I ordered them a size up because I thought they would fit now. Turns out my oldests is 2 sizes too big and I just now realized it. It took a month to get them since they were handmade so I obviously don’t have time to get another. Witch is just lovely. So I guess tomorrow we have to go dress shopping for another dress for my youngest. I went off their sizing chart so I don’t understand why they are so big and one is completely the wrong size. Everyone keeps wanting me to tell them they are wrong and to return them except I don’t have time to do that so I guess they will not be matching like I had planned. But anyhoo counseling went really well last night. It wasn’t reallycounseling persay but more him wanting to know what we wanted and how we wanted things to go. We meet with him again in two weeks to make sure everything is finalized and everything. I feel like everything is coming together so fast! I’m just so ready to be married to my best friend. ❤️💗 Stay beautiful! 

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