Oops I Forgot To Post!

Oops! Yesterday was super busy and totally forgot to post a new blog! We had to go get my 10 month old a new flower girl dress and had a bunch of other things we had to do as well. Then I got a headache and got very sick to my stomach and had diarrhea. So yesterday was busy. haha We found a super cute idea to incorporate our girls into the wedding though! So I’m super pumped for that and I’m just so ready for the 6th to be here already. I think my fiancée said its 21 days away?! If you had asked me 3 years ago if I was gonna be married in 21 days I would of laughed at you and told you that you must be kidding. haha I really wish it was sooner though! I still need to finish our Mason jars and and figure a couple more things out though. Our church is helping us decorate I believe so that will be nice! I’m just getting overly excited at this point! Anyway, I’m super tired and need so sleep. So, stay beautiful!! ✌🏻️

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