Munchies Monday!

We are going to start a new series here on my blog today called “Munchies Monday” where we review and try a new food! Today’s new food is “Skinny Girl Pop Corn: Lime And Sea Salt”.  

 I have to say taking it out of the wrapper it smelled like straight up limes. Witch id be okay with but everyone in the house thought it would be weird for popcorn. And it made the house smell like limes as well. So if you are anti the smell of lime this definitely isn’t for you! They are mini bags witch makes me happy because I can never eat a whole bag of popcorn myself. It says to run it for 1:30 but it only took about a minute for mine to fully pop. But that could just be our microwave. All the popcorn seemed to pop so that was a plus because a lot of brands don’t! At first taste I hardly tasted the lime but after it cooled a little the lime definitely came out. The taste is still very light though so if you are expecting a very strong lime taste it is not strong! My Mom and 2 year old went crazy over it and my 10 month old tasted a few tiny bites. So overall it’s a very good popcorn with a twist! I definitely give it 5 stars for taste and smell and    like all the Skinny girl products I give it a 5 for packaging as well! 

Stay beautiful! 

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