Mommy Tuesday’s! 

Tuesday’s are now going to be mommy days!  

 Today we are going to talk about body shaming after having a baby. Or really anytime for that matter. After my first I lost so much weight I went down to my lowest weight in years. But at the same time I was very depressed and having anxiety attacks multiple times a day so I was far from healthy. But everyone talked about how great I looked so I kept doing it. Since I had my youngest 10 months ago I’ve gained weight. Probably 20 lbs. I get called fat and over weight. My Grandma once told me “all that weight on your heart isn’t good”. I feel like weather you lose all that weight or you gain some people shouldn’t tell you how you should look. If you you feel good at 98 lbs good for you girl. If you feel good at 208 good for you! Either way I don’t feel like it should be okay to tell a woman she looks fat because “she’s not your type”. It’s also not okay to tell a woman she’s too skinny for the same reason. You aren’t a doctor so don’t tell anyone how their body should look. 

Anyway, stay beautiful! 

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