Throw Back Sunday?! 

This was me and my fiancée over a year ago. Crazy to see how much we have changed. At the end of this I’ll include a picture of what we look like now! I don’t think I’ve shared the story of how we met with very many people. He worked with a girl I went to high school and middle school with and he was going through her Facebook friends one day and saw me and said he thought I was so beautiful he just had to add me. We didn’t really talk at first. I think it was about a month before he said anything to me. Then she sent me a message and we started talking about church. Witch honestly was so different from any guy is ever talked to. Most guys ask if you wanna do something or they just message you to call you hot. Or a lot of the time it was inappropriate things that guys would send me. Asking if I wanted to hook up or other things. Then we talked from their for awhile. He kept asking to hand out but I was busy and nervous that he would be like other guys. Hang out once and stop talking to me. Finally I was able to hang out. But it was late in the evening and when they pulled up their were two guys in the car and neither one said anything. I wasn’t sure witch one was him and I honestly thought they were going to kill me. haha I said hi and my fiancée said hi back. Turned out the other guy in the car was his brother. We got back to their apartment and he got out of the car grabbed me and kissed me. I was so shocked. No guy had ever just kissed me. I kinda think as crazy as it sounds at that moment I fell in love with him. We spent that night cuddling on the couch watching movies and talking. They took me home around midnight and to my surprise he messaged me and told me he had a great time and he wished he had asked me to be his girlfriend. I remember being so happy that he actually messaged me. After that we hung out 2 more times then he finally asked me out! We’ve been together every since! 

Stay Beautiful! 

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