Munchies Monday: Skittles Edition 

Today on Munchies Monday we are trying “Skittles: America Mix”. 

Honestly on first impression I thought these would be nasty. The thought of a white skittle kinda creeped me out. haha But my fiancée decided to get the biggest bag so I figured what the heck I’ll try them for Munchies Monday! First off the flavors are Strawberry, Blackberry, Yumberry, Raspberry, and Wild Berry. I have to say I thought raspberry would be the best and it’s definitely my least favorite. The Yumberry witch is the white one that I thought would be nasty when we bought them is actually my favorite it is very fruity but has this creamy taste to it as well. Strawberry, Raspberry, and Wild Berry are all pretty good as well. The packaging is beautiful and definitely well done. My fiancée tried them and loved them as well. They are very sweet so if you don’t like sweet I’d say definitely don’t go for these. I don’t think they are the best mix that Skittles has come up with but they are pretty good. A little too sweet for me but they still taste pretty nice. This huge bag was only about $3 too. I have to say I’m going to give them 4 out of 5 stars. They taste nice, the packaging is beautiful, they are a nice price, but they are a little too sweet and the Raspberry one didn’t taste very nice at all. 
Anyway, Stay Beautiful! 🍭

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