Sorry Everyone! 

I have been gone way longer then I meant to! Today is the first day things have started to settle down since the wedding. For everyone who didn’t know I got married on the 6th! We were on our honeymoon until Tuesday. And Wednesday we went to the St. Louis Zoo with our 2 1/2 year old. Thursday we took her to her first movie and this weekend we just spent as a family! The wedding went perfect. Minus our cake being an hour late and looking like a two year old made it everything was perfect. They refunded us our money though so that made up for the horrible cake we got. Won’t be having anything more then a birthday cake made there ever again but that’s okay. Anyway my husband looked so handsome and so did everyone else in the wedding. I absolutely loved my dress and loved everyone who showed up. I’m going to add some photos now!  

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