Kind of ready for this, kinda scared…

Today I did something that’s completely out of my comfort zone. I made a page on Facebook to start becoming a party planner. Something I’ve liked doing for awhile now and id honestly love to start doing for money. Also I shared this blog on that page. I don’t really talk about having a blog to anyone. Kinda like the idea of writing for the sake of writing sometimes and I’m afraid of what people may think. I guess I put it on the internet so I can’t really complain can I. 

Spent forever today trying to find exactly the perfect party decorations for Nora’s birthday. I’m so picky it’s not even funny. One store had ice cream themed things but they weren’t the colors I wanted and one really only had solid colored things. So I decided its going to be a pink, gold, and teal ice cream social. I’m pretty proud of myself for finding the dress I did for a good price. I didn’t really care for the butterflies but they were the cutest thing I could find in our party colors. We finally ordered her cake as well! I’m so excited that our baby is turning one! And kinda sad because my baby isn’t much of a baby anymore! 
Anyway, stay beautiful!

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