Party Planning!

Working on planning Nora’s birthday party. I swear I could plan parties all day. It’s just something I absolutely love doing. Her party theme is a pink, gold, and teal ice cream social. There are some purples in there too but that’s okay. The themes weren’t really what I wanted at the party store. And Walmart only had a few themes and solid colors. If it hadn’t of been so close to our wedding I would of shopped on Etsy and a few other online places like Amazon and some online party stores. But since I’m in a time crunch Party City and Walmart will have to do. Found her a dress for $9 and I’m pretty proud of that since it’s so pretty and I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I found a romper with an ice cream cone on it but it was in baby sizes and she really need 18 months-2t clothes right now. I’m pretty pleased with her dress though since it’s supposed to be a little more of a classy party anyway. I spent forever working on a banner for her party and I’m still not done with it. Last minute my Mom had the idea to add beads around the letters and numbers so I decided to try it and I liked it so I have a lot more work to do now. I still can’t believe she’s almost 1! I feel like I just had her! She can’t be one yet! 
Stay beautiful! ✌🏻️

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