Mommy Tuesday’s: My Top 10 Mommy Products Of All Time 

Today on Mommy Tuesday’s im going to be sharing my top 10 mommy products of all time! These are just mine and my kids personal favorites! They aren’t really in any order and I love all the products equally!

Equate Infants’ GasRelief Drops:

These are the best things on the planet. When my oldest was born she would cry and cry with gas and nothing helped much tell one night i had read to try them and at midnight we ran to Walmart to get some because we had been up for hours and were exhausted. They worked almost instantly and I still use them to this day with my almost 1 year old. They are safe with newborns witch is amazing and they work in less then 5 minutes most of the time. I highly recommend these to anyone who is about to have their first baby. They are a must buy in my book! And they are super cheap so that’s definitely a bonus.
Plum Organics Super Puffs:
Both my kids absolutely love these! Their favorite flavor is the Blueberry & Purple Sweet Potato ones. With my oldest getting her to eat finger foods was super hard but she absolutely loved these things and still does. Her sister has been eating these since about 8 months and they can down a jar in a few days. They are organic so that’s a definite bonus and these ones unlike some of the other ones we have tried taste super good. They aren’t the cheapest ones at all but they are definitely worth the extra money.

Munchkin Sippy Cups:
Oh my goodness these things have been a life saver. My oldest had always been super attached to her bottle and at 2 1/2 I was desperate for a cup she would drink out of. I had tried almost every other cup out there and she wouldn’t take any of them unless they had a soft nipple. Finally we found these and she loves them! She will drink out of them perfectly and we finally have her broken of a bottle. Her sister loves them as well and tries to steal them from her sister so I have to say I think these are the best Sippy cups on the market and I’ll be buying more for her sister soon! They run around $4 at Walmart and I can’t complain about the price because a lot of other ones are $5 or more!

Tot Rider Walker:

We actually got this as a gift for my oldest for her first Christmas and I was skeptical because I had heard horrible things about walkers. But let me tell you this thing has been a life saver with both of my kids. My oldest would play in it for hours and before we bought a high chair she ate at it as well. My youngest still eats at it and loves just being able to play in it too. I do have to say though that both my kids every time they get in it poop. They could be super constipated and they will poop every single time! Maybe it’s the angle but it never fails. With that being said the fabric part that they set in washes so nicely. I can’t count how many times this thing has been covered in food, poop, or pee and it still washes perfect every single time! 

Disney Princess Fold Out Couch:

I bought this for my oldest when she was almost 1 and at first she was scared of it and the cats kinda slept on it for awhile. But around 2 she fell in love with it and now her and her sister use this thing all the time. They play on it, in it, watch tv on it, play with the tablet, eat at it, sleep on it, crawl on it, climb on it, roll on it, and I even sit on it sometime. It is still in perfect condition and I’m even thinking of getting another one so they can have on at their Grandparents and one at home. These things aren’t cheap though and run about $40. I found mine on sale I believe and bought it then but they are definitely worth the investment!

Suave Kids Detangling Spray:
My oldests hair has always been crazy and very hard to take care of. It would tangle every single night and it would take forever to comb out. Until I was told about this stuff! It’s a major life saver! It’s only about $3 a bottle and it lasts forever! Just spray a little on your child’s hair and it comes out so easily. It also smells like green apples and that makes me happy because it gives her hair a nice scent so her hair doesn’t just smell like soap. I even use it on my own hair some of I have a tangle and it works just as well on myself.

Philips Avent Natural Bottles:
I’ve tried so many bottles with two kids and these were my absolute favorites. Not cheap at all. About $20 for 3 or 4 if I remember correctly. But they never leak, never have colic issues, and they are so tough! We had been using the pre made formula bottles when my oldest was born (I know pricey and not necessary but I didn’t know better and I trusted what the hospital told me to use) and it just started costing so much so I talked to her pediatrician and she said it was fine to give her the powder kind so we went on the search for good bottles. These were the ones we landed on and I still to this day think they are the best ones you can find! 

Carter’s Clothing:
I’m pretty sure every mom has owned Carter’s clothes for their kids or has at least heard of it at one point or another. But they have to be my favorite brand of clothing for babies and toddlers by far. They are pretty fairly priced and they are super cute! I hardly ever shop for them at the actual stores and I’ve found JCPENNY and Sears actually has them for cheaper. They also almost always have matching things in smaller and bigger sizes or at least things that look similar. And they tend to have sets a lot witch I’m a big fan of. That way you can mix them with other clothes you have or you already have a cute matched outfit. I also adore their baby blankets and the little lines they make for other stores like Walmart and Target because you can get Carter’s quality at a very cheap price! 

Parent’s Choice Baby Wipes:
We have used these since my oldest was tiny and they are still to this day my favorite baby wipes by far. They aren’t too soapy like several brands are and they don’t rip like the cheaper brands do. The sensitive ones are my absolute favorite. They are unscented and a tad bit more damp them the just plain unscented ones are. They are also super soft and clean amazingly. We don’t just use them for diaper changes we use they for dirty faces and any time one of the kids get messy, spills, I use them on my hands, and just any time we need to clean almost anything. These run you about $5 for this 3 pack and they last us about 2 weeks. We go through about 800 wipes a month with two kids if that shows how much we use and love these wipe! They also come in scented kinds as well but we always sick with their unscented ones! 

Vtech Toys: 
This brand in general is just amazing. We have quite a few toys from them and the kids love every single one of them. We own the piano toy in the right corner and that is probably their favorite one! It’s had the batteries changed so many times in it because they use it so much. These toys can be kinda pricey sometimes but are very worth it! I bought the piano toy on sale for $19 and it was originally about $25 or $30 I believe. We also own the ride on car they make and we bought it on sale as well but the kids absolutely love it too. We have a few smaller toys from them like their tablet toy that I think runs about $10 but my oldest loved it as a baby. Check your clearance isle before buying full price because a lot of times you will find some of their toys on sale and they are such a steal usually. These toys are super fun for kids but also educational. I believe all of their toys are meant to be educational. So I recommend these to any mom looking for a good educational toy for her kids!

Hope you all enjoyed my Mommy Favorites and hope it gave you all some new ideas! Next week I think I’m going to do a Mommy Product Fails or things I’ve bought that I don’t like or my kids don’t like! So stay tuned for that next week on Mommy Tuesday’s! 

Stay beautiful! 

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