15 Of The Best First Birthday Party Themes! 

In honor of my youngest baby turning 1 in 6 days I figured we would do 15 of my favorite birthday party themes for first birthdays! 

1. Uno 

Honestly I had never even thought of doing this theme until I saw some photos a photographer took witch were absolutely amazing and I fell in love with this theme! I swear there are endless possibilities with this theme! I love the rainbow of colors you can use and uno cards are so easy to find! It’s definitely a Pinterest lovers birthday theme for sure! 

2. Peppa Pig


If you can’t tell I absolutely adore this theme! It’s actually going to be the theme for my oldests 3rd birthday! I originally saw the idea for this party on www.annasaccone.com for her daughter Emilia’s birthday and I think it’s the perfect girly theme. Once again Pinterest has a thousand cute ideas. Like curly fries as pig tails, dirt pie as muddy puddles, and dinosaur chicken nuggets because her little brother loves his dinosaurs! 

3. Floral birthday 

This is actually part of the theme for my youngest daughters first birthday! We are doing it as an ice cream social with floral, teal, pink, and gold! I’ve never actually seen anyone throw a party with this theme but planning it for Nora’s party as been so much fun and it’s such a unique theme!

4. Poodles In Paris 

This theme is so classy! I love the blacks and pinks and you can totally change the colors up as well! I think this would be perfect for any little girl who loves dogs, pink, or even just to be able to wear a super cute pink outfit! 

5. Sesame Street/ Cookie Monster 

I did this theme for Elli’s first birthday! She was obsessed with Cookie Monster at the time and let me tell you it is not easy finding simply Cookie Monster items. A lot of what I found had all the characters so we ended up having a few of those in there but I did a lot of DIY projects too! Etsy was my best friend on this one!

6. Camp 

I feel like this theme has so much potential! S’mores, mud puddles, tents, trail mix bar, you could go rustic or colorful, the ideas are endless with this one! And it’s definitely gender neutral unlike a lot of my other favorites!

7. Candy Party/Candy Land 

This one will definitely be a hit with everyone! There are so many kinds of candy that everyone’s version of this would be so different. Lollipops, gumdrops, marshmallows, chocolate, skittles, sour balls, rock candy, you name it you can use it in this theme!

8. Watermelon 

Holy watermelon! This is definitely a perfect summer theme! The bright pinks and greens are so cute a perfect for your little one turning one! You could DIY a lot of this theme. Especially the outfit and the cake! 

9. Hulk 

My two year old would absolutely love this! She is obsessed with Hulk! This theme would definitely be a hard one to just go out a buy things for because trust me Hulk things seem easy to find but aren’t. It’s all SpiderMan and Batman. So if you go with this one I definitely say go green! With a ton of DIY projects! 

10. Little Man 

I think this is perfect for a little boys first birthday! Get him a little suit, comb his hair all cute, and get him a super cute bow tie! I love oranges and yellows and blues in this theme so it’s not all blue but it still feels like a party for a little man! Cupcakes for this party are a definite must and so are bow ties and mustaches on everything!

11. Cats


Who doesn’t love cats? This theme will please the kids, the parents, and pets! haha You could do this in so many colors and patterns. You really only need your imagination with this one! 

12. Balloons 

What kid doesn’t love balloons? This can be done for boys and girls. In rainbow, pink, blue, polka dots, purple, gold, camo, orange, any color combination you can think of this theme can be done it! I love it in rainbow and I think it would be so cute in orange and teal as well! 

13. Safari 

I did a safari/giraffe theme for Elli’s second birthday and it’s an easy party to find decorations for and color wise. You can use just animal prints, pick your favorite animal and make him the star, or have all the animals come together! It’s definitely a fun one to plan! And it’s gender neutral!

14. Milk And Cookies


If you can’t tell I adore this theme! It is so kid friendly and so cute for a first birthday party! Can be done in any color scheme and who doesn’t want a party that all you need is milk and cookies! Kids and adults will love this one! 

15. Tea Party

I love how tasteful this one is! But at the same time how fun you could make it! Hats, gloves, fancy dresses, and adorable tea cups! I don’t see how any girl could turn this party down! 

Hope you all enjoyed my favorite themes!

Stay beautiful! 

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