Toddler And Baby Hair Care Products/Bath Products! 

I have honestly had the hardest time keeping my almost 3 year olds hair maintained! I’ve tried so many shampoos, brushes, hair products, you name it I’ve tried it. Today I’m going to share some that I absolutely adore and some not so much. Let’s get started with the ones I love!

Suave Moroccan Infused Styling Oil 

Elli’s hair has always been so thin and frizzy. I was sent this product in a trial box and instantly fell in love with it for myself. So I decided to try it on her hair because it made mine so much healthier. Let me just say that this product is amazing. I put it in her hair after bath time and then put her hair up in a bun while she sleeps. When you take it down in the morning her hair is so soft, not as frizzy, it’s helped with tangles as well, and it’s helped her hair get fuller and less fine. If you try one product to try I highly recommend this one! And it only takes a drop so the bottle lasts forever!

Suave Kids Detangling Spray 

Elli’s hair tangles so bad so easily. Every morning she wakes up looking like Enstine with a massive amount of tangles. Especially since her hair is curly in the back. I’ve raved about this product on here before but trust me when I say this stuff is a life saver! There are more expensive kinds and DIY’s for this product but this one is so cheap I’m not sure why you would want to buy a more expensive one when this works so well. I use it on her hair in the morning when I do her hair and after baths. I’ve even used it on myself a few times. You only need a few sprays and the tangles come right out!

The Conair Basic Detangling Brush

Honestly finding a picture of this brush online was kinda hard so I had to use my own. haha This brush is perfect for toddlers. It’s an adult sized brush but when you’re kids have longer hair it works just fine. Alone with the Detangling spray this helps a lot. It won’t get all the tangles out without the spray but it definitely helps a lot. And it has covered ends so it doesn’t pull as badly. I even use it on our one year old even though she doesn’t have a lot of hair yet. I only use this brush on Elli’s hair and it’s absolutely perfect for the job!

Suave Kids Purely Fun

I really didn’t expect to like this shampoo. Suave shampoos are usually not the highest quality. But when I got sent a sample of this I fell in love. Elli can use any soap. But Nora breaks out from a lot of soaps. We had been using Aveeno and we really did like it but the smell wasn’t my favorite. This shampoo has a kinda typical fruity I guess soap smell. But I’m okay with that. It’s a conditioner and body wash so you can use it all over.  It makes my kids hair so soft and so far no break outs! It’s also hypoallergenic and in my book that is a major plus! 

Aveeno Baby Lavender And Vanilla 

I really do love Aveeno and it definitely is calming for my youngest. I still use it when one of my kids are super fussy or sometimes at night just to relax them a little more before bed. We did switch mostly to the Suave but I still do think this is the best baby shampoo I have found! We had been using the J&J Vanilla shampoo but it was causing Nora to have rashes and yeast infections so our doctor recommend this or something similar and it is really good for those sensitive kids and babies! I just needed something that could get my kids a little cleaner now that they are both mobile. I will still buy this from time to time though and I highly recommend it! 
Here are my least favorite hair Care products!
Johnson’s Baby Head-To-Toe Washcloths 

These things smell absolutely awful! I got these as a baby shower gift with my oldest. They are a super good idea but they literally smell like wet dogs. And it took me 3 washes with another soap to get the smell off of her. I’m not sure if it was a bad package or they just aren’t scented but the smell is awful. I think I could actually love these if they came in their vanilla scent or something like that because the idea really is a good one. Especially for a busy Mom. 

Parents Choice Baby Wash And Shampoo 

This dried Elli’s skin out so bad as a baby! I got a ton from gifts and couldn’t use any of it. I’m also not a fan of things that smell like baby powder at all. That’s just my preference though. It would probably work for a lot of other parents but both my kids had very dry skin as babies and I hate this kind because it doesn’t have anything to put the moisture back in their skin. It is hypoallergenic though so that was one really good aspect of it. 

Hope you all enjoyed my favorite hair care products for toddlers and babies!

As always stay beautiful!💐


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