Mommy Tuesday’s: The Worst Mommy Products I’ve tried

Theses are the worst products that I’ve tried with my kids that I just didn’t care for or my kids didn’t care for! You may absolutely love them but this is just our opinion!
Munchkin Food Pouch Spoon Tips

Honestly in theory these sound amazing! Just take the cap off your food pouch, turn the spoon onto the top tell us seals, then feed your baby, take it off when done, throw pouch away, and clean the spoon. Sounds easy enough right? Not really. They fit most pouches and they don’t leak but they hardly get anything out into the spoon and when you wash them the teeny tiny hole the food comes out of is impossible to get clean. It’s too small for anything to fit into and a dish washer nor hand washing them will get it out. Maybe if you could find something to clean that hole with they would be an awesome product. They really just need a slightly larger hole so you can clean them better and get more food into the spoon.
Munchkin Baby spoons 

These spoons were amazing if you hands washed them but if put in the dish washer they melted every single time. Maybe it was just our dish washer. But if you plan to use one I’d definitely say to not use a dish washer. Hand wash only! 
Johnson’s Baby Head-To-Toe Washcloths 

I have already done a review on these for my baby bath products  I loved and hated. But I’ll recap why I didn’t like them again for those of you who didn’t read that post. These things smell awful. They made Elli smell like wet dog. And it took me forever with another body wash to get the smell off. Maybe mine were too old or maybe they just aren’t scented but I really didn’t care for them at all. They are a good idea though and with a good scented soap they would be amazing for busy Mommas. 
Banana Baby Mum-Mums

Okay we actually love this brand and these rice rusks. But this flavor both my kids absolutely hated and refused on every occasion. We love the other flavors but the banana ones just don’t taste very nice at all. 
Baby Teethers 

I know a lot of parents swear by these things but my kids hated them. Sorry but it’s the truth. My oldest wouldn’t even chew on one at all and I’m pretty sure I went out and bought every single on ever made and she hated every single one of them. My youngest on the other hand would chew on a few but only for a few minutes. She would much rather chew on a rice rusk or some other toy she already had. 

 I think teething jewelry goes along with this topic so I’ll add this in here too. These are the biggest waste of money. My kids hated these. And I saw absolutely no point in wearing them because they would just rip it off, play with it, then throw it down. 
Straw Sippy Cups

Everyone told me to buy these and my kids would love them. Wrong. Absolutely horribly wrong. We have like 15 of these stupid cups and neither of my kids will use them. I know a lot of kids love these but my kids refuse them. I still plan to keep them and hopefully they will use them eventually! 
Baby socks

I despise baby socks. Both my kids kicked them off every single time I put them on their feet. I’d much rather put a blanket over them then deal with baby socks. Elli lost I don’t know how many sock by kicking them off. Nora was better at keeping them on when she was tiny but since she was born in summer we hardly used them and when winter came she was at the age to kick them off! 
Snap/Velcro Baby Bibs 

I hate these things. They keep nothing off of your baby and Elli could remove them in 10 seconds. They are good for teething babies but like I said Elli could remove them in a heartbeat so it kinda defeated the purpose. We found ones that have a neck like a t-shirt. I think they are called pull over bibs. 

These are absolutely amazing and so much more useful!
That was a few baby/toddler products I disliked! 

Anyway stay beautiful guys! 

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