Wedding Planning Tips!

As you all know I got married recently and I learned so much from doing it! So I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks I learned from it all with you guys!


You are going to have so many people happy for you and they will say they want to be there no matter what. They won’t all be there. No matter how many RSVPs you have honestly plan for at least 20 less then have said they will be there. Everyone kept telling me this. I refused to believe that people who said no matter what they would be there wouldn’t even call to say why they didn’t come. But they did. Things will come up. Life happens. But don’t go out and spend a fortune on food or cake or place settings for people who aren’t going to be there.
Things can and will go wrong

This is something I knew would happen. Just don’t let it ruin your day. Our cake was over an hour late and completely wrong. I had to change my bridal party about two weeks before. I was so rushed the day of I forgot about a thousand things and made my sister in law do half of them last minute. But I married my best friend and it was everything I ever wanted it to be. Just remember that. It’s your day and don’t let the small things ruin it for you and your significant other. 
Pinterest IS your best friend!

If you don’t have a Pinterest and you are getting married I urge you to make one. There are so many DIY’s, foods, color schemes, cake inspiration, etc! You can literally plan an entire wedding on Pinterest. And it can save you a ton of money! I made so many of our wedding things for so much cheaper then what they were being sold for. Plus it was so much fun making them! 
Wedding dress shopping

If you watch Say Yes To The Dress on TLC (yeah we all do girl) you have heard not to bring your significant other. Sorry, but I did. He still didn’t see my dress tell I walked down the isle. But having him with me when I tried on a few dresses made me feel amazing. I knew what he liked on me and I knew his opinions and what he liked on me. Sorry but if you want your significant other with then girl take them with you! Also do not bring someone who has a completely different style then you. You will never agree on a dress. But whatever you do don’t settle for something someone else likes. It’s your dress. Your big day. Get the dress you want girl! The one that makes you feel like Cinderella in her glass slipper and beautiful dress. 
Wedding Cakes

When you order a wedding cake I urge you to make sure the place you go can 100% say they can and will be able to make you the cake of your dreams. We ordered ours and the lady kept having to change things because she couldn’t make it the exact way we wanted it. We paid almost $400 for our wedding cake. Everyone told me to go check on it the day before. With everything we had going on the day before we didn’t have time to go check on it. Let me say make time to go look at it. Especially if your wedding is early the next day. The day of I got two phone calls from the cake place. First was to say one of the flavors wouldn’t bake and they were still making my cake. This was about 2 hours before my wedding. About 30 minutes after it was supposed to be there they called again to tell me they just left and that the cake messed up again so they substituted cake with jelly in the middle. It didn’t show up for another 30 minutes and it looked like my 2 year old made it. Heck I think she could of done it better. They were nice enough to refund us our money in the end but I do urge you to check on your cake the day before and make 100% sure they can complete your cake the way you want it. 

Book ahead. Trust me on that. We paid our hotel in full so the night after our wedding we didn’t have to pay anything when we got to our hotel and we already had a room waiting on us. We had booked a car as well but that fell through and we ended up borrowing on from family. We had paid for one of the places we had planned to go so we didn’t have to buy tickets when we got there. So all we had to pay for was gas and food and anything we wanted while we were there. It was so nice not to have to worry about anything after the wedding and just spend time with my husband. 

If you can’t afford or don’t want a wedding planner trust me when I say have someone who is willing to help you the day of your wedding with anything you need. Honestly I didn’t think of this at all. But my sister in law helped me out so much the day of the wedding. She did mine and my maid of honors make up, she helped make our bouquets, talked to the cake people, helped cut our cake, took video, etc. It made me have so much less stressed. 
Most of all just have fun planning! Don’t worry if something doesn’t go right. God has your back! Something better will happen!

Stay beautiful! 


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