Happy Birthday Nora! 

Happy first birthday Nora! Mommy seriously can’t believe you are already 1! It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year already! It feels like just yesterday I was taking belly pictures and looking at your cute ultrasounds wondering why you would be! 

I remember the day you were born so vividly! I remember not believing I was actually in labor the day before your due date. But finally decided to go to the hospital because the contractions felt like the ones with your sister. And when we got there to our surprise our doctor was actually the one working in L&D that night. They checked me, had us walk, then checked me again and said they were keeping us!! I almost cried because we had been waiting so long to see your perfect little face! They go us into a room, gave me my epidural, asked us a ton of questions, and then broke my water. About 30 minutes later they had me start pushing and about 15 minutes later your cute little perfect self was born! 

You have grown so big and strong and beyond beautiful baby girl! Mommy hopes you always know how loved you are and she hopes you are always all that you wanna be! ❤️

Happy birthday Nora! 😘😘😘😘

Stay beautiful! 

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