Munchies Monday: Easy Party Food DIY

As I was searching Pinterest for party food ideas for Nora’s birthday I kept seeing Rice Krispies on a stick. I thought how cute they would be for her party so I saved a picture of it months ago and decided to do it for her party! I’ll show you a few of the ones I used for inspiration!

Alright but let’s be real. Half the things you find on Pinterest are completely crap. Honestly I figured this would completely suck and it wouldn’t probably come out looking something like I rolled one in cat poop or something. I’m going to show you the recipe I used and then show you how they turned out. So let’s see if this was a fail or not. Let’s get started!

You will need:

Rice Krispy Treats (as many as you plan to make and you can make your own if you like)

Candy melts (I used the bright white ones because I was using the gold spray over them but you can use any color you like)

Edible Gold shimmer spray (this is completely optional but I needed something to make the candy melts gold)

Sixlets (or any decorations you would like I used them in pink and turquoise)

Lollipop Sticks (I bought the longer ones for this)


First you are going to need to melt your candy melts in the microwave for 15 seconds at at time until they are completely melted. Stirring after each time in the microwave. If at any time while you are making the Rice Krispy treat pops the candy mets start to harder just pop them back in the microwave for another 15 seconds until they are soft again. I used about half a bag and I made 7 of them.

I would highly recommend using some wax paper under them or buying a cake pop stand because mine stuck to the plate and ripped the back off.

Lay down your wax paper on whatever plate or platter you are using. And start unwrapping your rice treats unless you are using homemade ones and start inserting the sticks into the bottom about halfway through. You can dip the sticks in the candy melts first but I didn’t find this to be needed.

Dip them into the candy melts about half way. I found using a spoon to help cover them helped a lot. Tap the excess off on the side of the bowl gently. Then lay down on the wax paper. Do this step until all are covered. Place in the fridge to harden. It only took mine about 10 minutes to harden completely.

Pull them out of the fridge and spray with the gold shimmer spray. I ended up spraying the whole thing because it made it look better but you can just spray the candy part. Or if you bought the colored ones or just want them white you can completely forgot this step.

To add the sixlets you take a tiny dab of the candy melts on the back of the sixlets and stick them on. They will need to be put back in the fridge to harden after you are done!

After this you are ready to eat!

Here is how mine turned out!

I think they look pretty good for my first attempt! Mine did stick and the backs pealed off but laying on the plate you couldn’t tell. My guests said they were amazing and I got asked for the recipe twice! Your imagination is really your limit on these! Have fun with them and they are good for kids to help with!

Anyway stay beautiful! 🎂

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