Top 10 Baby Shower Themes!

I’ve done an entire favorite first birthday theme post so I thought it was time for my favorite baby shower themes! Maybe someone can get an idea from this! So let’s get started!

1. Heaven Sent

This idea is so cute to me! I love the blues and clouds together and that you could definitely change up the colors a bit and do it for either gender!

2. Tutus
Obviously this is a girly theme but it’s just so adorable! You could make it any color you want and there are so many crafting options on this one!

3. About To Pop

This one could be so much fun! You could make so many different types of pop corn, any colors you want, balloons galore, and you could even turn it into some sort of pop corn and movie baby shower if you wanted to!

4. Elephants

This was the theme for my baby shower for Elli and I thought it was so cute! I really love it in the yellow and grey especially for the people who aren’t finding out the gender until the baby is born! It’s definitely a gender neutral theme!

5. Finding Nemo

As you can see with the first picture this was the theme for one of Nora’s baby showers! I absolutely loved this one! It’s so easy to find Finding Nemo things and now with Finding Dory coming out you could even turn it into a Finding Dory theme! And it’s gender neutral! 😉


6. Bow tie

This one is only for boys obviously but definitely a cute theme! So many color options but I have to say I love the blue and black! You can even add in mustaches and turn it into a little man theme!

7. Pizza Party

Finding pictures of this theme as a baby shower was impossible! So a few are birthday party pictures but I think this is the cutest idea for a baby shower! What Pregnant lady doesn’t want pizza? Or a make your own pizza bar? Hello I would of with both of my kids!

8. Onesie

This theme is what I would call a traditional baby shower them. The make your own onesie station, punch, cookies, cake, etc. So cute and so much fun! Gender neutral and good cute in so many different colors!

9. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This is perfect for a baby shower! And I love how classy it is! Another one that’s perfect if you don’t know the gender of your baby! Or can definitely be made girl or boy oriented!

10. Hawaiian

This is the perfect summer theme! I would of loved this with Nora being I was due in June! And I love all the rainbow colors you can use in this one!
There are my top 10 baby shower themes!

As always, stay beautiful! 😝

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