Things I’d Tell My 16 Year Old Self 

Let’s be real we all did some stupid things as teenagers. I think one of the years I really wish I could tell myself a few things was 16. If you knew me then you would completely understand that. haha Here are a few things I wish I could tell myself.

First off this is what I looked like at 16.

I wish I could go back and tell myself not to worry about what everyone else was thinking of me. Dress how you want to. Don’t worry about the girl who you thought you would be friends forever with telling you that you need to dress a certain way to get a boyfriend or to be popular. But don’t cut your hair that short. That was an awful choice. 

That boy you thought you were head over heels for? Yeah, the one everyone knew you liked. He’s not worth it. He really isn’t into you and he ends up being a total ass to you in the end. Speaking of boys, stop worrying so much about them. They will come when they come. 16 isn’t the time to be worrying about why you don’t have a boyfriend. I’ll let you in on a little secret at 22 you are married to an amazing man who treats you so so well and guess what? You don’t meet him until way later. 

The friends you have now aren’t going to be your friends for very long. You literally still speak to a handful of people you knew in high school. And even then you don’t talk everyday. 

Stop worrying so much about friends and boyfriends and how you look. None of that will matter in a few years. At 22 you have two beautiful little girls who make your world go round and a husband who is the most amazing man on earth and he’s your rock. Just work on yourself right now. This is one of the lowest times in your life right now at 16. You have very bad depression and you have even thought about hurting yourself a few times. Nothing’s going to fix that except you working on you. Family and a few friends who stick by your side are the only ones you need at 16.

All the kids who picked on you and made you feel like less of a person they don’t even matter later on in your life. You let them get you to such a low place in life where you don’t even see yourself as beautiful. Let me tell you something even though now I still think I’m not beautiful a lot of the time you are. You are very beautiful in your own way. Your husband now will help you see that.

I’ll let you in on a few secrets:

1. At 17 don’t let anyone pressure you into doing anything you didn’t really want to do. I don’t mean drugs or drinking. I already know you won’t do anything like that.  I mean sex, dressing a certain way, and just generally being someone you aren’t to please people who don’t even matter.

2. let your hair grow out.

3. Don’t pierce everything on your body. At 22 you hardly even wear earrings.

4. Forgive everyone who’s even hurt you emotional and physically. I’m meaning family. You know what I mean. You will need them later.

5. Don’t dress like a slut. It’s not cute. Cover your tits.

6. Don’t dye your hair blonde ever again. Please.

7. Don’t every let yourself get so low that you want to hurt yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

8. All men suck. Except the one you marry. He’s pretty amazing.

9. You get what you give. Remember that when Elli is born. Yeah, your name your first born Elli and your second is Nora. I’ll make the picking names easier for you. They are both so beautiful and perfect. But they will give you hell from time to time

10. You ar stronger then you believe. Remember that. You can’t and won’t break even if you think you will. 

11. Don’t just take people’s shit. 

12. Be yourself. 

13. Don’t share things with the wrong people. That will fuck you in the long run.

Anyway, 16 year old me don’t forget to love yourself. Your beautiful. 

As always stay beautiful people! 💗

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