Chit Chat 

I need to talk a little so I figured it would probably be best to do it on my blog. 

I don’t understand a few things. 1 being people who have never even had a child telling you how to raise your kids. You don’t have children? Oh your sisters kids ate spicy peppers for a cold at 3 months? You swear by it? I really don’t give two poops about your opinions lady. Unless you actually have children or are a doctor I’m not listening to your opinions.

Another thing I don’t get is other parents thinking the way they parent is better then another parent. You don’t let your kid watch tv? Good for you. You let your kid have gummy bears for a snack? Okay cool. I don’t wanna deal with him after but cool. You cloth diaper only? That’s awesome. You always buy store bought baby food because you have 3 kids under 5 and don’t have the time? Awesomeness you go girl. Seriously shut up and mind your own damn business unless the child is in some sort of bad environment or is in danger. I don’t want to hear abou how amazing your way is or how it’s better then mine or Sallies (idk who Sallie is but let’s go with it here)  just do you girl. If your kid is happy and safe more power to you Sallie. 

One more thing that annoys the absolute monkey farts out of me is when people compare your kid to their kid. Oh Jim Bob could walk at 9 months? That’s amazing! Suzy blew kisses at 18 months. Shes so cute! Just don’t compare my kid to yours. I don’t care if yours did something before mine or after mine. Each kid is their own person and isn’t going to do the same things at the same time. 

One last thing, that absolutely boils my monkey (not sure why I’m talking about monkeys so much today) is the way people treat stay at home Moms. If you all didn’t know I am one. I’m home everyday with my monkeys (there goes those monkeys again) and everyone acts like being a stay at home Mom is easy. Let me tell you something it is not. You ever had two children screaming at you in the just because you would like to pee alone just once? Or have a two year old refuse the food you just cooked her that she asked for because it was on the wrong plate? Or been covered in baby poop all down your side? Or taken care of two sick kids at once who just want mommy to hold them? Worn the same clothes for three days because you don’t have time to change?  I have and I wouldn’t trade any second of it. I love being home with my kids. I prefer it. I’d love to be able to help my husband with bills and work but I’d never see my kids if I did and is just be working to pay for daycare or my mom would have them all day and I’d see them 5 minutes before bed. I loved being home with them everyday and getting to see them grow and learn new things. I love my husband so much for working so I can stay home with the kids and get to be with them. But don’t think for one second that 2 kids under 3 aren’t hard. But they are so worth it! 

Anyway that’s the end of my rant for today.

Stay beautiful monkeys! 

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