Pinterest DIY: Decorative Mason Jars

All over Pinterest are these super cute decorated mason jars. I thought they would be pretty hard since places like Etsy, craft fairs, and farmers markets are selling them for a pretty penny. I’ll let you in on a secret. They aren’t hard at all! And actually pretty fun to do!! Today I’m going to show you how to make a few different kinds and show you some inspiration! 

First the inspiration: 

On to the crafting! 

First I’m going to to show you how to make these ones! These were the drink cups/wedding favors at our wedding for the adults!

You will need: 

Mason Jars In Your Choice Of Size

Burlap tape

Chalkboard Labels 

Lace Ribbon 

Paper Staws (this company makes the cutest)

Glue Gun (this is the one I have)



Let’s Get Started:

1. Heat up your glue gun. Trust me you want it good and hot. 

2. Start cutting your burlap tape and lace to fit around the jar and make sure it can overlap just a tiny bit. Along with the twine. You want to cute the twine pretty long so you can wrap it around the neck of the mason jar quite a few times.

3. If your burlap tape is strong enough to stick directly to the jar and hold you can ignore this step. But mine wasn’t. Wrap your tape around the jar and use some hot glue to glue the edges down on your jar.

4. Repeat the step above with the lace over the burlap tape. Be careful because sometimes the glue comes out of the holes in the lace and the hot glue can burn! 

5. If your chalk board labels will sick the the lace without glue you are good to go. But if not use a little glue to help them stick. Be careful though because some chalk board labels melt with the hot glue. If that’s the case you can always stick them to the lids of the jars instead of over the lace. 

6. Wrap your twine around the jars several times and tie a bow with the straw in the middle of the bow.

You can make these so many different ways! No lace. Just chalkboard labels. Stickers. Paint. You name it! Just be creative and have fun. Also remember if you are using hot glue always be careful and have parent supervision!  

This is another version of the same thing but these were out kids jars at the wedding!

DIY Number 2:

Painted Flower Vases

For this DIY you will need:

Everything you used above minus the straws and lace. (You can obviously add lace if you would like.) 

Acrylic Paint (colors of your liking) 

Paint Brushes  

Clear Enamel Spray Paint 

Lest get started:

1. You are going to paint a few coats of your paint color of choice making sure to let them dry in between coats. Make sure you also lay down paper of plastic bags to make sure no paint gets anywhere you don’t want it to. (Shocker I actually took a picture of this process)

2. This step needs to be done by an adult only. Take your jars outside and spray them with your clear enamel. Leave them outside to dry. They may need two coats. 
3. After they are good and dry take them instead and repeat the steps for adding the burlap tape as well as the twine! And you are done! So easy and fun! 

Hope you all enjoyed today’s blog! Follow me for more DIY’s and have an awesome day!

Stay beautiful!

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