Munchies Monday: Peach Mango Salsa 

I have always wanted to try a mango salsa but the ones at the store always have extra stuff in them and are usually hot. I’m not a spicy kid of person at all. I like me some hot wings but nothing else that’s spicy. So I was searching the internet for a peach mango salsa and came across a few recipes I actually thought sounded good. Except they all called for onions. I don’t care for onions. So I decided you know what I’m just going to make my own. And it came out amazing! So I’m going to share my recipe with you guys and hope you all love it as much as I do!

You will need: 

Mango Chuncks -1 Can Of mangos- (you may use canned, fresh, or frozen. I used canned because this time of year we don’t seem to have them around here or at least I can’t find them.) 

Peach Chuncks -1 Large peach-  (I used fresh but once again you can use fresh, canned, or frozen. I actually used donut peaches witch I never knew existed tell I saw them at Walmart.) 

Limes Or Lime Juice -1 Large Lime- ( I used key limes so I needed 3 smaller ones. You only need the juice though.) 

Salt -Salt To Taste- 

Cilantro -optional and just to taste but chop finely- (My store was out of fresh so I bought the squeeze tube of it.)


1. Chunck up your mangos and peaches if they aren’t already, finely chop up your cilantro, and cut your limes in half.

2. Put your mangos, peaches, cilantro, and salt into a bowl and stir. 

3. Squeeze your limes into the bowl making sure no seeds get inside. And stir again!

That’s its! It’s super easy and simple! I highly recommend eating it with lime flavored tortilla chips from Tostitos! 

As always stay beautiful! And enjoy that salsa! 😘


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