Mommy Tuesday’s: 10 Clothing/ accessory Items That You Need As A Mother

We all wear leggings and yoga pants as moms. Even if you say you don’t you probably have from one time to another. Most days I really just want to wear my favorite very warn pair of yoga pants with a really baggy shirt. But these are my 10 items I love having as a mom when it’s time to go out of the house to run to the store or to go out with my husband so I don’t look like I’m homeless. haha

1. Black Dresses 

So classy and yet you can dress them up or down! Throw on a statement necklace and some cute heals and your ready for a night out with your husband or add some cute flats and some pretty earrings and you can run errands with your kids! 

2. Boots

I absolutely love having boots. They are so easy to style in an outfit and they are so comfortable. 

3. Statement Necklaces

As you can tell I’m pretty obsessed with statement necklaces! They instantly add so much to an outfit! I probably own 25 of them and I’d gladly own more! haha

4. Kimonos 

I know a lot of people hate them but as a mom for me anyway they are so nice. Easy to just throw on and go. And if your like me and have a little bit of junk in my trunk it’s nice to help cover all that up. 

5. Comfy Shirts

I cannot stress enough how much I have to have some comfortable shirts. Something I can throw on with jeans or my yoga pants that makes them look a little more put together! 

These are perfect! Especially when your running out of the house and you just need an easy shoe to throw on. They perfectly complete an outfit! I have so many just throw on sandles that I love and are so warm they are starting to fall apart!

7. A Good Bra 

Whether you are an A cup or a DDD cup you need a nice well fitting bra! I hate going out without a bra that fits nice. I’m tugging at it or I just get uncomfortable and take it off completely witch since I have a larger chest isn’t making any outfit look good. haha

8. A Cute Small Purse 

My go to bag is my cross body Coach purse I’ve had for years now any it still looks like new. It’s easy to grab and run out the door with. Obviously I have smaller children so a diaper bag happens when the girls are both going too but if it’s just me and Allen or we are just running to the store I just grab my bag and go! 

9. High Waisted Pants

As you can see I love high waisted pants! I even included a picture in them of myself! I love that it hides the extra junk in my trunk I have and I can wear crop tops without my stomach showing! You can dress them up or down as well and they come in so many different fun patterns and colors! 

10. Fun Printed Leggings 

Yes I’m a Mom but I’m 22 and I am going to wear leggings. I love printed fun ones. Obviously I dress them with more casual pieces but I love them! You can tell me it’s tacky but I love the pops of color they add to an outfit! 

Anyway stay beautiful ladies! ❤️

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