15 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

If your like me and completely lost on what to get the Fathers in your life maybe this list will help! So let’s go ahead and get started guys!

1. Watches

I feel like most men like watches. My Dad collects them so for men like him this one is a must. You can spend a little or a lot on one and they are so customizable!
2. Gift Cards

I will admit since my husband already knows he’s getting it we got him an iTunes gift card. I feel like everyone thinks gift cards are the easy way out but if you know my husband you know he buys himself them at least once every month or two. And you can get them anywhere. Does your dad love fishing? Bass Pro. Music? iTunes. Food? Subway, McDonald’s, Applebee’s, Chili’s, Red Lobster, etc. He loves to build? Home Depot. Video Games? Game Stop! And then you know your getting the right gift! And he can pick whatever he like out!
3. Dollar Shave Club 

My husband gets this and loves it. And I feel like most men would! They have different price options and things you can add on like chap stick and shave butter. And they get it every month so they never need to go to the store for more blades! 

4. Wallets 

All men need a wallet. I know most prefer a certain kind but there are so many options. Like different colors, leathers, and even on sites lite Etsy you can get their name added or the names of their kids. So cute, simple, and easy! I love this one! 
5. Movies

This one is so easy! As long as you know what he’s into you can pretty much find a movie to go with it! I’ve come to the conclusion that men love watching movies. Or at least the ones in my life do. So find out what he likes and head the the store. You can even get your kids involved. Let them pick one out for dad and them to watch together! 

6. Video Games

Okay this one for me would be a little more challenging! My husband is pretty picky on his games but if you know what the father in your life likes I can assure this one will be a winner! What man doesn’t love video games!?
7. Shoes

Okay you always hear about women and shoes but what I’ve came to the conclusion on is men love them just as much and maybe even more. My husband loves shoes and has about as many as I do. All you need to know is his style and his shoes size and you can go at it! 
8. Tech Gear

Headphones, phone cases, Chargers, styluses, web cams, usb drives, cameras, etc. This will please the tech savvy father in your life for sure!
9. Sports Team Gear 

This is perfect for the sports team lover! You can find just about any team you like in sports stores, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, etc. Just have fun finding his favorite teams items! 
10. Grilling Stuff

This is perfect for any Dad like mine who loves to grill! There are so many gadgets and do dads that you can find them so many places! And you can even turn it into a grilling basket. Get some cool new gadgets, some meat, charcoal, salt and pepper, etc. and make a super cute Father’s Day grilling gift!
11. Tools

I feel like tools are always a good gift especially for any one. You can even make up your own tool box based of the things you think they need! Everyone has things that need fixing so this is perfect! 
12. Pocket Knives 

I think all men need one and most think they are cool. (Definitely a guy thing!) And I love how you can get them to personalized to your Dads taste! 
12. Homemade Crafts

Everyone loves a good old craft! These ones are so cute and so easy to do! Let the kids get involved and have a blast together and make some memories! 
13. Food Basket 

Get a cooler, basket, bag, box, etc and make a food basket! Add in his favorite food, drinks, snacks, candy, gum, you name it! Have fun with it!
14. Facial Trimmers 

Lates face it (haha face it) men have facial hair and they need something to help trim it up unless they wanna look like they crawled out of some backwoods swamp so this is perfect!
15. Magazine Subscriptions  

My husband is subscribed to a few magazines and seems to really like them even though he’s not the biggest into reading books and things. But I highly recommend this idea especially if he loves magazines! 
That’s all my gift ideas! Hope it gives you so inspiration! 

As always stay beautiful! 

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