Munchies Monday: Tomato, Basil, And Cheese Sun Chips Review! 

I haven’t done a food review on Munchies  Monday in awhile so I thought today would be the perfect time! Today we are going to be reviewing “Sun Chips: Veggie Harvest Tomato, Basil, And Cheese”. 

First off yes I was hoping they would taste like a caprese salad. 

But sadly they don’t. I mean yes they have a very much tomato taste in my opinion but I hardly taste the cheese at all and only hints of the basil. I was very disappointed in that aspect.
But they are a very good tasting chip otherwise. They are very tomatoey so if you aren’t into that then you definitely won’t like them. But fortunately I do love tomatoes so I find them pretty tasty. 

They are made with real vegetables. Found out it’s mostly corn and peas from inspecting the ingredients but that’s okay. I’m not a big pea fan so that helps gets so peas in me. 

I don’t feel like this would be a child’s snack. I can already see my 2 year old telling me “eww tastes like poop.” haha And I’m pretty sure my husband would tell me the same thing. haha 

The over all packaging is nice and very well done. I really do wish they tasted more like I had hoped but they did jump out at me on the shelf because I thought they would taste like that and normally I don’t stray from their cheddar ones. 

Over all I give them a 3.5 out of 5. They taste pretty good I’m just disappointed in the fact that they don’t really taste like what I thought they would. Packaging is beautiful but they definitely aren’t a kids snack. So I think they are a must try if you really want a new chip flavor in your life especially if your like tomatoes or Sun Chips in general! 

As always stay beautiful! 

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