Mommy Tuesday’s On Thursday! 

Today’s post is going to be more of a rant so if you aren’t into that then I’d click out right now. Do any of you have the issue with people ignoring what you say your child can and cannot have or do? For instance the other night we went to my Grandparents for dinner for my husbands birthday and my almost 3 year old hadn’t eaten much that day and we have the rule of she can’t have her milk until she’s done with eating because if you don’t have that rule she will just fill up on milk and never eat any food. Our doctor and WIC told us to do this or start watering her milk down. She won’t drink anything less then 1% so we are trying this first and we know she loves her whole milk. Well I had told her she needed to eat her pizza and then she could have her milk. She had eaten maybe half and my Grandma started in with “do you want some milk baby?” I told her why she couldn’t have any. She can have water or juice with dinner but no milk until she’s done. My Grandma looks at me with her “I know best face” and tells me “maybe she doesn’t want pizza or doesn’t like it”. I tell her pizza is one of her favorite foods and then she tells me “don’t you make her eat that pizza. she can have milk instead.” I tell her she can’t just drink milk everyday for the rest of her life without food. She huffs off and kinda rolls her eyes at me. My daughter finished her pizza and I give her a cup of milk. She comes in the living room and my Grandma says “oh I’m so glad to see you drinking milk. Grandma knows you need your milk. It’s so good for you.” The i turns to me and says “don’t you take her off that milk she has to have it and it will give her all she needs so don’t make her eat things she doesn’t want.” At this point I’m pissed. I didn’t “make her eat the pizza” and she “didn’t not want the pizza”. She loves pizza and I told her if she wanted milk she needed to eat the pizza. If she didn’t want the pizza she wasn’t getting milk. She can have water or juice but no milk because all it does is fill her up without her actually getting the food she needs.  

Literally older people are the worst at thinking they know everything about children. My Grandma once told me “even if it’s 90 degrees outside you need to have a blanket on that baby”. Oh so her sweating isn’t an indicator that she’s hot? Okay then. I just feel like people should just let people parent. Unless its something that’s indangering that child seriously just shut up. It’s not your child. 

Anyway I’m gonna go and make the kids some breakfast. 

As always stay beautiful! 😍

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