Blogging on the back burner! 

My Dad had surgery last week and we have been so busy with him and the girls that my blog has completely been put on the back burner. Tomorrow there will be a munchies Monday like normal but I’ve just been taking a few days to get everything done. Everything has been so busy that I swear I can’t keep up. Elli got really sick last night and we had to go to ER. She has an ear infection and they gave her antibiotics. Scared me half to death though because she woke up gasping for air. So we headed to ER. The first trip to ER that either of the girls have had. Last night was rough she still had a lot of trouble breathing and sleeping. Today her appetite is way down but she seems a little better. I’m sporting that sleepy  zombie Mom look. And could use a major nap today. But stay tuned for a yummy Munchies Monday tomorrow!! ❤️

As always stay beautiful guys! 😘

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