Munchies Monday: Fajitas 

I hate fajita and taco seasonings. Literally cannot stand the taste of it. One day I was at the store and thought up this recipe! Me and my husband eat this all the time and I think it’s one of my husbands favorite meals I make. So today I’m going to share it! 

You will need:

Cumin (just to taste I use a lot though)

2 lbs of grilled, baked chicken, or oven roasted   (I buy this kind of I don’t buy and grill my own)

1 bag of frozen Stir-Fry veggies (you can use fresh as well and it can be any mix you like this is the one I use most of the time though)

4-5 Mini Bell Peppers chopped or sliced up (you can use one large one if you like)

Olive Oil (to cook everything in just use as much as you need so everything doesn’t stick and the food isn’t dry from the cumin)

1 package of tortillas 
How to cook: 

This is super simple guys. Basically just add everything  but the tortillas and cook until hot and brown it a bit! Put on top of a tortilla and top with cheese and sour cream!!

So simple and so yummy!

Anyway stay beautiful! 😋

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