Mommy Tuesday’s: Top 10 Stores For Baby/Toddler Clothes

Okay I’ve attempted this blog twice now and it got deleted so I’m just going to get right into it!

1. Carter’s 

Okay I think every single Mom has heard of Carters! Half my kids clothes are from here! They always have amazing sales going on so never buy full price until you check for coupons. And we recently just got one near us so I’m so happy for that! I have so many of their clothes that both my kids have gotten to wear and are still in good shape!

2. Walmart 

I’ll get crap for this one but I don’t care! Until you have tried Garanimals or their Carters line don’t judge! They actually have pretty cute things and their swim suits are amazing!

3. JcPenny 

I never really shopped here until I had kids but I’m so glad I found their kids clothes! A ton of my girls clothes are from here and they have an amazing clearance section! I once got an entire outfit for my youngest for $2! I love their Arizona brand so much! They are so casual and definitely my oldests style of clothes! She loves bright colors! 

4. Sears

My Grandma used to take us here all the time when I was little and I thought it was because she had a credit card there. But nope! They have the cutest dresses! Oh my goodness they are perfect! And super adorable too!

5. The Children’s Place

When I first had Elli I got a few things from here but wasn’t a big fan. But now that both of  my kids are toddlers I absolutely adore them! They always have good coupons and sales and they email a really good coupon on the girls birthdays too! 

6. KMart
You would think I’d thought of clothes here before but I hadn’t! I went in here when Elli was little to get a sippy cup and got caught up in their clothes! I love their dresses and shirts! They are also pretty fairly priced.

7. Etsy

If you are looking for something super unique or something for a special occasion I highly recommend giving Etsy a look! I got the girls flower girl dresses here and they are amazing! Remember they are handmade and sometimes take awhile to ship and can be pricey occasionally but so worth it! Just make sure you check the size chart to make sure you are ordering the right size for you child!

8. Old Navy

I basically have a love hate relationship with this store! I hate paying full price. But I love their sales! Sometimes you can get things for $0.97! I got my oldest a beautiful dress for like a dollar or two! You really just have to look around here to find the deals. Our clearance section is always a mess but if you dig you can find some amazing deals! I will buy shoes full price here though because I love their shoes for my oldest! 

9. Zulily

This website has amazing deals and a ton of amazing brands! Definitely worth a look! 

10. Target

Once again they have their own line of Carter’s clothes that are super cute! And they have just some really cute things in general for kids like sunglasses, dresses, and swimsuits! 

Anyway stay beautiful ladies! 

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