Periods After Kids

Periods suck in general lets just get that out there. We all know it. But after you have kids or at least this is true for a lot of us they change some for the better and some are like being smacked in the uterus by The Rock himself. haha If periods freak you out you might just wanna skip today’s blog because that’s all we are going to be talking about today!

Before I had kids my periods were 3 days always on the same day of the month. They were basically clockwork every single month. And I had very little cramping. Very mild bleeding and no PMS whatsoever. And no matter how much stress I had it never effected it. I had pretty normal periods. 

After I had my oldest (let’s just note I only attempted to breastfeed on and off for about a month so my period came back the very next month after I had her) it was just like my normal periods just maybe a little longer. I normally had hardly any cramps and the ones I did have were on the first day and they went away after that and they regulated themselves within a month or two. Then I got pregnant with Nora about a year postpartum. We all know you don’t have one for nine months. After she was born I breastfed for the first 6 moths and didn’t get a period for 3 of those 6 months. I was pretty happy. Because being a  Mom of a almost 2 year old and a newborn obviously is a lot and you just don’t need a period too. haha Finally when it did come back it came back with a vengeance. I’ve had such bad cramps and heavy bleeding and I’m just out of it for the first few days of my period. I’m also so emotional (ask my husband) that I drive everyone nuts. I’ve cried over stupid stuff and everything bugs me. I’ve never had these symptoms in my life. I’m also nauseous and exhausted for the week of my period. It’s never regulated itself and if I’m any bit stressed at all its thrown off whack. Pretty sure my body hates me now. 

I’ve done a lot of looking online and seen so many stories of how people have had horrible periods before and they were amazing after. And had amazing ones before like me and awful ones after. And birth control is supposed to help. So if your reading this tell me your story. Tell me if birth control helps. 

Anyway as always stay beautiful ladies.❌

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