Munchies Monday: Brown Sugar And Bourbon Grill Mates 

Today on Munchies Monday I’m doing a review! We don’t usually stray from our normal food too much but this month we decided to try a few new things when we went grocery shopping! I saw this and thought it sounded amazing and so did my husband. Today’s review is of:

I normally have a picture of the pouch we had but I cooked it last night and totally forgot to take a picture. The picture I had had a hamburger on the front of it but I couldn’t find that packaging online for some reason. Maybe my Walmart is just weird and the only place that sells the hamburger one but I think it’s all the same thing this one just has steak on the front. 

I have to say making this was very messy. You have to work it into the hamburger meat so if you don’t like getting messy they I don’t recommend buying this. But it is very easy to to. You just mix it in and form patties then cook. It’s designed for the grill but I cooked it inside because it’s way too hot to grill here in Missouri. But I think it turned out just as good!

We all really loved the taste though! It’s super smoky tasting and normal I hate anything that tastes smoky but I really did like it. And it has a sweet flavor as well. It does cause the hamburgers to be very crumbly witch I didn’t care for and neither did my husband. It’s definitely worth a try though! All together I think I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was really messy and it made the hamburgers crumbly but that was the only things I didn’t like! I think it would be really good on steak as well and maybe even chicken! 

Anyway stay beautiful guys! 😘❤️💗😍

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