Mommy Tuesday’s: Things All Moms say

We all say these things or at least some of them from time to time to our kids. Most I never thought I’d say ever in my life.

1. Because I said so. 

Pretty sure I tell my two year old this every single day.

2. I didn’t ask you I told you to. 

Again I tell my oldest this all the time.

3. (Maybe you haven’t said this one but I have) Don’t sniff your sisters butt you aren’t an animal.

My two year old has done this so many times. And she thinks it’s soooo funny!

4. Don’t make me tell you again.

I think my husband uses this one more then me. 

5. If I have to get up I’ll (insert the thing you say you will do but never do) 

My husband and I do this all the time. Usually telling her it’s time for a time out. 

6. Stop!

My oldest mocks me now. She’ll say “stop” because she thinks it’s funny!

7. If you eat your food you’ll (insert thing that will never happen but your tired and want to them to just eat their damn food).

Usually I’ll say she will grow up to be hulk. Never going to happen but it works!

8. You are just fine.

When my 1 year old starts crying because you you took a piece of cat food out of her hands she wanted to eat. True story. 

9. Don’t eat things off the floor!

It’s gross. But whatever go ahead. If you get some weird sickness and puke your guts up maybe you will learn. 

10. I would of never gotten away with that.

I say as my two year old throws the pillows in the floor at my grandparents.

11. I told you to go to bed. Now! 

This one is more my husband.

12. Fine starve see if I care!

I care. But when she takes 3 bites and says she’s done I wanna not care. But I care.

13. Don’t stick that (insert place they shouldn’t be sticking things)

She tried to stick a pencil up the cats butt. Another true story.

14. Where did you learn that?

Usually it’s my two year old saying the cuss word she heard her Dad say or something she learned from YouTube or Peppa Pig.

15. Stop playing with your belly button.

I don’t know what it is but my kids think they are magic or something. 

16. Quit pulling your dress/skirt up.

This if for Moms of girls but seriously leave it down!!

17. Leave the cat/dog alone.

My kids won’t leave the cats alone. I swear one day they will be attacked.

18. Why doesn’t that doll have clothes on? 

Seriously why??

19. Can’t I pee by myself?

No? Okay. 😭

20. I love you.

I really do love these little people I’ve created even if they are poop faces most of the time!

Hope you all enjoyed it! As always stay beautiful! 😘

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