Munchies Monday’s: Toddler Friendly Meals

Do you have a toddler who refuses to eat? That would be my oldest most days. My youngest eats everything that doesn’t eat her most of the time. But they never want the same thing! Here are my favorite toddler friendly meals. 

1. Campbell’s Oven Sauces 

These are perfect for a busy Mom. Throw them in the over with veggies, potatoes, or make rice or noodles to go with your chicken. It’s so easy! This is our favorite one:

They also make a crockpot version and skillet ones! My two year old loves the veggies and her sister loves all I’ve it! I add a little rice and it makes the prefect meal!
2. Chicken Pasta 

This was discovered one day when we ordered pasta from Dominos. I know not healthy but they rarely get take out food. But they absolutely loved it. It was basically just pasta sauce, chicken and noodles. It really is that easy to make yourself and my kids love it! 
3. Mac And Cheese 

I don’t care if it’s boxed, homemade, or from a restaurant my kids absolutely adore it! Maybe this one is just all kids but mine really do think it’s some magical food! 
4. Fajitas 

My recipe I use I’ve already done so check that blog out! My oldest isn’t really into them. But my youngest absolutely loves the veggies with a tortilla and some cheese!
5. Grill Mates 

This was more of a recent find for us but my oldest loves the hamburger ones of these! She’s not a big child to eat meat so getting hamburger in her once in a while with these are amazing! I swear I can’t find any picture of the hamburger ones though but trust me they make them! 
That is 5 of our favorite meals! That are toddler friendly!! 

As always stay beautiful! 👌🏼

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