Mommy Tuesday’s: My Top Ten Mommy Must Haves 

These are things I cannot live without as a Mom! This one is all about Momma! Let’s get started guys.
1. A Good Protecive Phone Case 

My kids are constantly throwing, chewing on, puking on, throwing food at, you name it they have done it to my phone. And if I didn’t have a good phone case I wouldn’t constantly be needing a new phone! I’m even constantly dropping it myself so it’s a must for this Momma guys!
2. Yoga pants/ Leggings 

I am always telling myself I’ll wear my jeans but the truth is they are so uncomfortable especially when you have some left over baby belly fat and all your jeans don’t fit. Leggings and yoga pants are my saving grace! So comfortable and easy to throw on! 
3. Hair ties

I don’t care what kind or shape as a Mom and especially one of two girls you always need hair ties! You should see my girls collection of them! I always have one with me whether it’s in my diaper bag, purse, on my wrist, or just shoved in my pocket. You always need them! One breaks, one gets lost, one child wants pink not purple, you really need a new one!!
4. Blankets 

This may sound weird but I’m always cold. Middle of summer and I need a blanket for bed. My husband is pouring sweat and asking if I’m crazy because I’m covered up. I always need a blanket! And half the time my oldest wants one too and of course if she has one her sister must have one too! 
5. Storage Bins 

I don’t care what they look like, I just know you always need them! Witch reminds me we need to buy more. haha My kids are constantly running out of room for toys, clothes, etc. And you always need more! 
6. Bubble Bath/ Bath Bombs 

Anyone who really knows me knows I have horrible anxiety and bubble baths are one of the ways I get my anxiety to stop. They just relax me so much. Bath bombs are a must as well! I’ve even been known to sneek my kids bubble bath because I ran out! Mommas gotta do what Mommas gotta do! Oops!
7. Comfortable Shorts

I cannot wear tight fitting shorts! After being pregnant twice clothes fit so different and I just don’t like things tight on my belly! Light, comfy, and airy shorts are my go to! 
8. Hot Tea 

This is one things that relaxes me almost instantly! No clue why but it does the trick for me! I love tea so much and you probably don’t wanna see my tea cabinet at home! Just ask my husband. 
9.Comfortable Shoes  

My shoes have to be comfortable with having two toddlers! If they aren’t my feet blister and ache! It’s awful! Boots, flats, and sandles are my most comfortable shoes! 
10. Tablets 

When your toddler is screaming about not getting this or that and the other one is attempting to eat cat food this is a life saver! You can judge me all you want. But my oldest has learned so much from hers! And it gives her something to do for 20 minutes while I make dinner or something when she is board of toys. Also Momma can watch her Netflix and YouTube! 😉

As always I hope you enjoyed and stay beautiful! 😘

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