Why I haven’t been posting…

I bet you all are wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t been posting recently. I haven’t been that busy I just haven’t felt like myself the last week or two. I wanna talk about that. 

Ever since I had my youngest I have literally hated my body. I’m bigger then I’ve ever been and I feel huge. Clothes don’t fit right. And nothing I do helps the weight come off. #thyroidproblems I just can’t seem to feel okay about my body since I gained the weight. I hate taking pictures of myself and my body just doesn’t feel like my body anymore. 

Today was the first day that I have come to terms with how I look. Today for the first time in awhile I tried on some clothes. (Scary I know.) And I was okay with the fact that that I have gone up a size or 2. I liked how my clothes looked. I actually bought some stuff and loved it on. I also wanna say that my husband is and amazing support system on making me feel better about my body. He’s always calling me beautiful and is willing to go on walks with me. Also he picked out everything I bought today. He knows exactly what I like in clothes and he always finds the cutest things. #besthusbandever 

I say this to all the women who don’t feel good about their bodies: be your own kind of beautiful. I once heard Stacy London say if the size 20 on your pants bothers you take a sharpie and mark it out. (Or something to that effect) Just Mark it out girl and write “I am beautiful”. Sizes make us feel horrible. I hate seeing a shirt tag say XL or XXL. If clothes didn’t have sizes I think I’d be willing to try on more clothes. 

I’d love to start a plus size fashion post on my blog. Witch outfits of the day and cute stores to shop at. Anyway, I’ll be back to my normal blogging next week I just really needed a few days to myself.  As always stay beautiful guys! 😘

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