They Way Women Are Treated Vs. Men

This is something that happened recently that I’d really like to talk about. Yesterday afternoon I received a call from a collection agency. They called my Dad’s phone. Witch first off angered me. They had attempted to call me but I ignored the call because I didn’t know the number. Then 5 minutes later called my Dad’s phone. I happened to be at their house so my Dad gave me the phone. The man came on and told me who he was and where he was from. He told me he was trying to collect and debt and wanted to know how I was going to resolve it. I told him we didn’t have the money right now. He then asked if I worked. I told him no I’m a stay at home Mom. He asked what my husband did for a living. I told him he worked but we have two children and don’t have $1,500 to just dish out. He said so you aren’t willing to settle the debt. I said again I don’t have that money. He said he didn’t care. And then said so I wasn’t even able to make a payment plan. I told him I would talk to my husband then get back to him but he’s at work. He said something that I couldn’t hear. I said okay because at this point I was tired of listening to him. He then yells very loudly “when does your husband get off”. I told him late. He yells again “when is that?”. I said probably 5 or 6. He then tells me he will be calling back to make sure I talked to him and that he will repetitively keep calling my Dad’s number until he resolved the debt. And that if I didn’t he would push it on through collections to court. And he would exhaust all options. At one point I told him the insurance was supposed to pay for it. He said once again that he didn’t care I was paying for it. After I hung up with him I texted my husband and told him. He got off work early and he said he would be calling because no one should speak to me like that. He got home and called and asked to speak to the man who spoke to me. The lady transferred it to him. My husband asked if he was the man who talked to his wife. He asked for his name and mine. He told him. And told him he didn’t appreciate him speaking to his wife that way and that no one was going to. He apologized to my husband several times. And said he’s just a straight forward person. Except he didn’t speak to my husband how he spoke to me at all. He was nice and called my husband sir. And was respectful. I felt like because I was a woman he could force me to pay a bill I wasn’t responsible for because it was pregnancy related and my insurance was supposed to pay for it. We finally agreed to pay for it because we got tired of telling everyone that it was supposed to be paid by the insurance. I even called the hospital at one point and was told that they didn’t see why the insurance wasn’t paying it. He tried to intimidate me because I was a woman. And I wasn’t going to be okay with that. You don’t basically threaten me with court just because I’m a woman and you think you can. You didn’t pull that bs with my husband. I hate how men are being raised. Don’t teach your sons that they are better and stronger then women teach them that women are their equals. It’s not okay to yell at a woman either. Treat women like queens and they will treat you like a king. That’s how it should work. Its okay for men to go shirtless because their nipples aren’t sexualized. But since ours are breastfeeding in public is horrible. It’s my body and I’ll do what I want with it. Breastfeeding is beautiful. My body is beautiful. So are male bodies. Everyone is beautiful. I will not be told I cannot do something because I’m a woman. 

Sorry for the rant but I needed to get this off my chest. 

As always stay beautiful. ❤️  This is my favorite breastfeeding photo I’ve ever taken of my youngest! 💗

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