Product Reviews! 

Recently I’ve decided to change up my body wash and shampoo. Here are the two new products I tried and what I thought about them! 


They are the Shea Moisture Africa Black Soap Body wash and Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow Long And Strong Shampoo. 

Let’s starts with the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Body wash. I break out easy from scents and soaps so I literally spend an hour picking out body wash and body scrubs. Just ask my husband. I picked this one because of the smell and the fact that it’s supposed to be calming. The Shea butter is a definite plus though. I’d never in my life heard of Africa black soap. So that threw me off a tad bit but honestly I am really loving this stuff! It smells like Shea butter and it has some sort of exfoliating pieces in it. But they dissolve fairly quickly. And it leaves your skin very soft and the smell stays for hours witch I absolutely love in a product. It does say on the bottle that it can be used as a spa bubble bath. My almost 3 year old begged to have bubbles and wanted to try it so we gave it a shot in her and her sisters bath. It made their skin so soft and honestly produced quite a bit of bubbles. My youngest though basically has the skin of a newborn so she did seem to get a little red in the diaper area from it. So I probably won’t use it on her again but her sister seemed to love it! So all together I absolutely love this soap. Wouldn’t recommend it if you have overly sensitive baby like skin like my 1 year old but it is still amazing. I will say that it is kinda pricy at almost $9 a bottle but I already pay  almost $6 for my current one so that’s not too big of a deal for me. Another thing I was afraid of was staining the tub because I had a bath bomb once that was a deep purple and it dyed my tub for weeks this didn’t do that at all! But I think I could see myself buying this one again for sure!
Next I tried the Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow Long And Strong Shampoo. I’ve heard about this brand for years but since basically every single shampoo makes my hair fall out I figured it would too. But I had just ran out of my shampoo and when I went to the store I saw it and decided you know what I’ll give it a shot. Normally I don’t want my hair long but lately it hasn’t been growing the best so I figured this might help it out a little. Plus my hair could definitely use to be a little stronger. I actually like this shampoo so far. Hasn’t made my hair fall out yet and it seems to be making it stronger or at least that I can tell. I don’t care for the smell because it just smells like a basic shampoo and I usually go for a more fruity vibe but it’s okay and I can live with it. My almost 3 year old wanted to try it. And everyone knows me and her both want her hair longer so I figured I’d give it a shot and it seemed to do a pretty good job on her hair too. It’s not tear free though so you have to make sure you keep it out of their eyes. And I don’t think I’ll make it an everyday thing for her but maybe once a week to strengthen it a little and help it grow. Over all I really do like this product. It was about $6 I believe witch is about what I pay for my shampoo anyway. You don’t get a ton of product but if I continue to love it it definitely will become a regular in my shower! 

As always stay beautiful guys. 😘

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