Munchies Monday: Teriyaki Chicken Review 

I swear we buy a lot of the same things every month but lately we had decided to try a bunch of new things. The other night fro dinner we tried “The Good Table Freezer To Plate Teriyaki Chicken”. This is going to be a complete review of it. How easy it was to make, flavor, cook time, etc! Let’s get started guys!

First off anything I can just throw in the oven and cook with no thawing I’m all for. Except (maybe it was just the brand of chicken I bought to go in it) I did have to thaw it because it wouldn’t come out of the package frozen. Blah Mom fail. haha 

Anyway, the package comes with the teriyaki sauce and your rice. You obviously have to buy your own chicken to add. And you bake it all in the oven. Like I said before it just says to put the chicken in froze on top of the rice and water, and the drizzle on your sauce. Your ready to bake. Mine was thawed so it didn’t take as long to cook as it said it was going to. I think the box said 40-50 minutes. I threw the box away before I wrote this so I can’t remember. haha Blogger fails. It took mine about 30-40 to completely cook. It really was a simple thing to make other then my chicken being a pain in the you know where.

I made a plate for each of us like I always do. My husband and I both loved every bit of it. But thought the rice got too hard on top where the chicken wasn’t laying. Otherwise we loved it. My oldest hated it. That wasn’t a shocker though because rice and teriyaki chicken aren’t her things. My youngest on the other hand absolutely loved the rice (rice is one of her favorite food anyway) and she nibbled on the chicken. 

All together I think the flavor was absolutely amazing. The rice was a bit of an issue around the edges getting to hard but that wasn’t too big of and issue especially since it called for up to 4 chicken breasts I believe and we only used 3. So it probably wouldn’t of been with that extra chicken breast. The sauce was by far the best I’ve gotten from the store. I usually make my own because we have never liked one from the store before but this one tasted almost exactly like mine. We will definitely be buying this one again! I give it 5/5 stars!

As always stay beautiful! 💩

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