Review Wednesday: FabKids 

I’ve been getting emails from this company since Elli was little. Never purchased anything because like JustFab you have to skip every month or you get charged. You obviously can call and cancel completely. I don’t mind skipping because it’s super easy and you never have to buy anything you can skip as many months in a row as you would like. I have purchased several pair of shoes from JustFab and love all of them so for my oldests birthday she has been asking for new shoes and I had the deal of if you pay shipping you get your first pair or outfit for free. Ordering is super easy and shipping is only $4.95. So I figured this would be the perfect time to try them. 

I ordered a week ago today and recived them yesterday. They came in the regular mail in a pink and white mailer. Not in a box. Witch I was kinda disappointed in. All the shoes I’ve ordered from JustFab in the past have came in a shoe box so when they didn’t I was a little confused. But it’s okay I guess. They were in a clear plastic baggy inside the mailer. 

These are the shoes we ordered:

Here’s what what we received looked like: 

I was very pleased with the appearance of these shoes. The glitter does seem to fall off some but that’s okay. I was under the impression they had laces and needed to be tied. They don’t though and just have elastic laces that don’t need to be tied. Witch was a tad bit of an issue for us. My daughter has wide feet. So putting these shoes on is kinda difficult. We had a real struggle getting them on. She wears a size 10 in almost all shoes and these are a size 10. They fit amazing once they go over her heal but getting them over the heal is very very hard. 

Despite that fact she loves them and wouldn’t take them off for hours after they arrived. I definitely will be purchasing shoes and clothes from here again though! Probably not high tops again but definitely will be buying again from here. Overall I give them a 4/5 stars. Only took a start away because they are hard to put on and the glitter does come off some. But them being so hard to put on could just be my daughters wide feet. 

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying my reviews and as always stay beautiful! 💗

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