Mama App Review PT. 2

This is going to be the second part in my Mama App review. This one is going to be reviewing the necklace I bought. This is what I bought:

As you can see I paid $1 for it and I believe a $1 shipping. Just like the dress I ordered it on July 20th but I received this on August 4th. So not too long on shipping about two weeks. Once again it came from China and was in a white mailer. It was inside a clear plastic baggy just like the dress was inside the white mailer. 

This was what I received:

I absolutely love these necklaces! I wasn’t sure when I ordered if it would be 3 necklaces or just one but it’s definitely 3 necklaces. The shortest one is definitely a choker but so cute on! The other two are about the same length but longer then the picture makes them seem. I had read on the reviews that they were longer so that wasn’t a surprise to me. Obviously for $1 I wasn’t expecting them to be $1,000,000 quality but they will definitely be cute! 

My almost 3 year old asked is she could wear my “sword necklace”. I was very confused until I noticed the black crystal necklace really does look like a sword. haha I do have to say the face on the sun necklace is very strange and kinda creeps me out. But I’ll still wear it. But that’s just my opinion. 

This package didn’t have a tracking number and stopped tracking like 6 days before it got here on the app. So I was a little annoyed over that one but all I care about is it did arrive! 

But over all they are very cute necklaces and I will be buying more jewelry from them in the future! I give them 5/5 stars! 

As always have stay beautiful and stay tuned for part 3 of my Mama App Review! 😘

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