This is something I’ve felt with since my oldest was a baby. Almost every time I go to a store to use my WIC checks someone is rude to me. I’ve had WIC since my youngest was a tiny baby and it never fails that someone says something to me or whispers it in a corner about the fact that I’m on WIC. 

The first time it happened my youngest was a baby and the cashier at Walmart closed down her entire lane because and I quote “this will take too long and inconvenience my other customers.” The next time I had a lady who was probably 25 stand behind me and say to her husband things like “don’t have kids if you can’t afford them “this is why we don’t have kids” “seriously they need a separate lane for this bs I have other places I need to be”. And countless times I’ve had people roll their eyes at me, mumble hateful things, and leave the line I’m in because I am using WIC checks. Sometimes it’s even the cashiers saying and mumbling things. But most recently was last night at Walmart I had done a few of my WIC checks and like I always do so its easier for the cashier I sort things out on the belt so that they are with the right checks. This Walmart happened to have maybe 6 checkouts open. We found one that didn’t have too many and two older women appeared behind me and my husband talking about how they need more lanes open so they can get done quicker. Obviously they picked the wrong lane because I am doing WIC checks. The cashier starts doing my checks and everyone who uses WIC knows how long it can take. One of the old ladies says very loudly “what’s the hold up!!!!!?” and the other old lady walks up to her with a very angry face and says “she’s got that WIC stuff. I don’t understand why these people can’t just do this somewhere else.” And the other one starts saying things like “in my day we didn’t need that to feed our kids.” And “this is why kids shouldn’t have kids”. They mumbled to themselves for awhile and laughed. The cashier says to me “if you don’t want people with WIC to be here come at like 3 in the morning. Don’t complain about it. Gotta love old people.” I laughed. The ladies continued to laughing and say bad things about the fact I was using WIC. The cashier said she was on WIC as well and was very nice. Before we left both older ladies gave me this big smile and it took everything in me not to turn to both of them and say “Would you prefer we didn’t feed our children? I’m sorry that my husband works his ass off at work everyday but we still need WIC and food stamps because sometimes it’s still hard to make ends meet. And that milk is very expensive and so is formula. And that I don’t wanna leave my kids with my parents all day so that I never see them just to make a little money that won’t even help very much just so you can go though a Walmart line a little faster. I will never apologize for having my kids young. And we are not children having a children. I’m 22 and my husband is 24. We are both adults and can have children if we want to. Oh, guess what lady? We might eventually have another in a few years so suck on that.” 

I don’t understand why everyone thinks WIC is this horrible thing. It helps us so much. Milk is so expensive anymore and both our kids drink milk like crazy. So yeah it’s nice to have some help with that and food. Because sometimes we are short on money and really need that milk. We are in such a better place money wise then we were at first we make it every month but to make it we have to have have WIC and food stamps. And I will never be ashamed of of that. My husband works his ass off for our family and I’m so proud of him for that. And because of him we are pretty stable right now. It’s not like we both just sit home all day and do nothing and just make the state feed our kids. My husband works so hard and I take care of our kids. 

Anyway, rant over. As always stay beautiful! 😘

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