Mama App Review PT. 3: Bra

Back again for part 3 of my Mama App review! This should of been up yesterday but I haven’t been feeling well so I’m making myself do it today. Yesterday I got in the mail the 3rd out of 5 of my items so here is what I ordered: 

I paid $3 and $1 shipping and like everything else I ordered on July 20th and I received it on August 5th. Came in a white mailer and was in a clear plastic baggy inside. I ordered an XXL b because I am normally a 38 DD. 

This is what I received: 

Apon opening it I had no idea how to put it on. This thing looked like a bunch of straps and they didn’t appear to have and rhyme or reason to them. Finally I pulled up the picture of the bra and figured out how to put it on. 

It’s gorgeous on! I do wish they made an XXXL because this bairly covers my boobs. I won’t be posting a picture of me in it for that very reason though. I don’t think that’s appropriate. haha Especially since it was advertised as a crop top. Its perfect under a strappy top though and a lower cut or backless top. 

All together thought I absolutely love this bra. I will probably order another! I give this one 4.5/5. I wish they made them bigger and it’s kinda complicated to put on but everything else is perfect. 

As always though stay beautiful! 😘

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