Mama App Review Pt. 4: Dress

Back again for part 4 of my Mama App review. I feel like I ordered this stuff forever ago though. haha It’s only been going on 3 weeks though. I promise you guys will be getting some new content soon. I have Elli’s birthday plans blog and party decorations for her birthday as well. So if your getting tired of these I promise there is only one more after this one. haha If you like them though let me know! I also wanna put a little disclaimer out there that I don’t order things for myself a lot (as my husband he had to make me order what I ordered for myself) so it’s not like I do this very often. ❤️

This is the dress I ordered: 

I ordered a 4 xl because everyone said it ran small in the reviews. I paid $8 for this dress and $1 shipping I believe. I ordered it on July 20th with everything else and it came yesterday August 6th. Came packaged like everything else in a while mailer and was wrapped in a clear plastic bag inside. This one stopped tracking half way here so I had no idea when it was supposed to be here. Except from their estimated delivery date witch was something crazy like August 17 or something. 

This is what I received:

I adore this dress! It’s so comfortable and it’s a perfect length. Since I did order 2 sizes up because everything from China is tiny the sides are a little baggy but with a thicker bra isn’t really an issue. This dress is a very deep blue. We honestly thought it was black when we opened it. But that’s okay because it’s absolutely gorgeous on. From the picture on the site I expect it to have a band around the waist and that’s not really there but I don’t really mind that. You will have to wear a strapless bra though because your bra straps will show. 

All together though I give this dress a 5/5. I absolutely adore this dress so much! It’s absolutely perfect! 

As always stay beautiful guys and stay tuned for my last part in this series! ❤️

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