Munchies Monday: Top 10 Toddler Snacks

My kids are so picky about snacks like so picky to the point of me wanting to rip my hair out some days. haha Here are my top 10 go to snacks that I know they will always eat! 

1.Yogurt Bites  

I’m aware these are marketed at babies but my kids still love them. Nora absolutely despises yogurt so the fact that she loves them is amazing. Plus they aren’t too expensive. 

2. Fresh Fruit 

They have some fruits like Kiwi that both of them hate but for the most part my kids will eat almost every single kind of fruit and they love it! 

3. Cheese Crackers 

These things are like my kids crack or something. They would eat them everyday if i let them. My 1 year old has a huge problem with the bigger crackers so finding the mini cheez-it was amazing. 
4. Cheddar Cheese 

The obsession is real you guys! My kids will only eat cheddar cheese. My youngest will eat a few other kinds but her favorite is definitely chedder. 

5. Teddy Grahams 

This is mostly my oldests thing but my youngest will eat them. Not really sure what their thing is with them but they think they are amazing!

6. Green beans 

Until the last few months Nora hate Green Beans but after Elli shared with her one night they are in love with them. I understand this one because I love them too! My husband on the other hand thinks it’s nasty!

7. Crunchy Baby Cereal Snacks 

My kids still love these things. Especially the Plum Organics ones. Good thing is they are cheap and pretty good for them! 

8. Baby cheese puffs 

I honestly have no idea what to actually call these things. haha We call them crunchies. But I knew no one else would understand that. haha My kids love them though. Especially the cheese and spinach ones from parents choice.  
9. Animal Crackers

My Dad hates these things. But both my girls think they are the amazing. I remember my Mom and Grandma buying them in the little circus boxes when I was a kid and thought they were candy. haha

10.  Wheat Bread 

Much to my husbands dislike both our kids only like wheat bread. And both of them will just eat a piece as a snack. Literally at least 3 times a week Elli asks for just a slice of bread and eats all of it!
I know this is probably not the best blog ever but hey it’s a blog guys! haha I have wanted to do this one for awhile but decided to just go ahead and do it since I didn’t have anything planned yet!
As always stay beautiful! ❤️

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