Mama App Review Pt. 5: Skirt

I’m back again with part 5 with my Mama App review. This one will be of the last item I ordered and that was a skirt. 

This is the skirt I ordered: 

I ordered it on July 20th like everything else and I received it yesterday August 12th. So a little longer then everything else. It came in a white mailer like everything else did but inside packaging was way nicer then anything else I’d ordered. It had a clear plastic baggy with the name of the brand and a zipper so you could store it in there. And that was super nice. I paid $5 and $1 shipping I believe. 
This is what I received:

Honestly is so short and tight that my intention of wearing it with tights will never happen. Because it’s definitely not appropriate to wear out. But if your looking for something sexy to wear for your husband or significant other then it’s definitely that type of skirt. 

I ordered a 2 xl and it’s still tight but that’s because it fits more like an xl or L. Thank you China sizing for that. 

I’ll definitely wear it but not for what I intended to when I bought it. It would be very sexy with some stockings and a bralette in the bedroom. 

I didn’t realize when I ordered it that the brand is a lingerie brand. But that’s my fault for not looking into it more. Oh well it’ll still work for that! Also why I’m not posting a photo with it on. 

All together I give it a 4/5 stars. It’s a little short but for the price and everything I can make it work as lingerie. 

As always stay beautiful! 😘

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