Peppa Pig Tea Party Planning Blog

I hadn’t planned to post a blog today but I wa showing though things for my oldest birthday party in a couple weeks and I thought I’d do a party planning blog for you all.

First off I have pretty much everything I need for her party minus the food obviously. And her theme is a Peppa Pig tea party. 

This is going to be her outfit:

Excuse the wrinkles I need to iron it before her party. Everything is from Walmart except the headband witch I oddly enough found at Party City. She’ll also probably be wearing the FabKids shoes I did a review on a couple weeks ago.

On to the Party Supplies:

Okay the lady at the checkout looked at me like I was nuts for this but I’m planning on turning these into “Grandpa Pigs Veggie and Fruit Garden”. Party City didn’t have any Peppa containers but they did have these huge stickers for like 33 cents a piece. So I’m just going to put one on each and fill one up with fruit and one up with veggies.

Obviously you need candles and I was getting so sick of everything having Peppa Pig on it so I found some pink ones. I have this magical idea that I’ll spread that confetti on the food table and it won’t get everywhere. It will. And be a huge mess. But it was a cute idea at the time. And the red mini fans I thought were so cute! Peppa wears a red dress so I thought they might so somewhat okay with the theme. Everything here is from Party City as well.

Once again I got tired of everything Peppa Pig. So guess what? I went down that color isle at Party City and bought blue. For a girl? Yes! Call me crazy but I can’t handle anymore pink guys. haha Pluse it matched the plates I’m about to show you. The cups are blue because for 8 Peppa cups it was almost $2 for 20 blue cups it was $2. Obviously I bought blue. And they are bigger. 

See the blue around the rim? That was my thinking for the table cloth and the cups. The first trip I made to Party City they only had one thing of plates so I made myself wait. When I went back they had a ton so I grabbed two. Since we usually have about 15 people and they have 18 in the two.

Am I the only Mom who has kids who are obsessed with balloons? Both my girls absolutely love them! I couldn’t pass up the Peppa balloons because I knew once Elli saw them she would freak out because they actually have Peppa on them. Instead of spending $20 on the life sized Peppa Pig ballon she wanted before I went with this option. haha I was honestly surprised I found the long balloons you shape into things for kids at Party City. This was a last minute purchase honestly. I saw them and thought they would be super cute for the kids (and adults) to play with at the party. 

I wanted these little wands the first time I went to party City but they only came in the favor pack for $10 and I wasn’t about to buy that because we never have enough kids for that. So when I went back the other day I found the by themselves for like 33 cents! I picked up two to decorate my table with. I bout the banner the first trip because I thought it was so cute and you can change the age to anything you like.

Napkins. Enough said. haha I honestly just got the Peppa ones just so I’d have a little more Peppa Pig. I got these at Party City the first time. I already have silverware from last years party.

Now on to food ideas:

These Tea Cup cookies my Sister In Law sent me and we both have decided we will attempt them! I know crazy right? But I think we can pull them off eventually if we take our time.

If those don’t work these are my backup idea. I know we can most definitely pull them off.

These sandwiches are perfect for the “tea party” aspect of her party. I definitely wanna do a couple different kinds like this!

This is what I’m using those bins I bought for! I think this idea is adorable and perfect for Peppa!

Muddy Puddles! This is the one I’m most excited for guys! This is going to be so cute and perfect to do single serve options! 

This one is definitely more for adults coming to the party but still yummy!

We are making cupcakes along with the cookies and I think these are the ones we are making!

Pig tails anyone? When I saw this one I thought it was so creative! 

If you’ve seen Peppa you know George is obsessed with Dinosaurs! So this one is perfect and great for the kiddos! And adults! 😉 

Pig noses! This one looks so easy and I am a huge fan of cucumbers!

This one isn’t really meant for “Peppa Pig” but I think it looks perfect for a kids party! 

Definitely planning more food but these are the ideas I have right now! You’ll have to wait for the actual party blog to see that though! 😉
Here are a few other ideas I probably won’t use but find super cute or great for a kids party:

Hope you all enjoyed today’s super long party planning blog! Stay tuned for the actual Party blog! And as always stay beautiful guys! 😘

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