Hi, I’m Jackie and I’ve been neglecting my blog. Why? Basically….well, because life. I have two full blown toddlers. Who both of witch have been sick. Including myself with the sickness. My oldest turned 3. Yay, I’m getting old. haha And I’m pretty much laying in bed typing this because I have no energy. Why? Because I have some sort of sickness children bring home from playing with other children and it’s awful.

I guess I should catch you all up on my life the last like month. Maybe 2? Who can remember. Elli turned 3! I’ll add some pictures from her Peppa Pig Tea Party. There were pig cup cakes so that alone should get you to read on. Right?

After all the fun and festivities we all came down with some sort of sickness. First Elli, then Nora, then me. My husband has yet to get it. Lucky. Nora got so sick at one point that we ended up in ER and her getting fluids in and IV, a catheter, blood drawn, urine sample, and a double ear infection. Poor baby was miserable. Since then she’s doing better and feeling better. Thank goodness. Now I’m sick and I just can’t function half the day. But I’m a Mom so I gotta keep on keeping on.

I had a date night with my husband in there somewhere. Witch always makes me happy. 🙂

I forgot there were these yummy things on Elli’s birthday two. My favorite little cupcake shop down town here!
I’m pretty sure a lot more happened but I’m too tired to really remember tonight. I’m going to promise I’ll start posting more normally! I have a review I need to do for you guys and maybe even a few other blogs you all might like! So stay tuned!

And as always stay beautiful! ❤️

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