Show Review: Gossip Girl 

Hey upper east side. Gossip girl here.

Wait that’s not my blog. Oops. Sorry about that. Been watching too much Gossip Girl. 

Speaking of Gossip girl I know it’s been over for awhile but I recently finished watching it and I thought I’d do a review type blog on it. I’m thinking of making this a new series on my blog. I just started Orange Is The New Black so maybe that will be my next show to review for you all. 

It may of been over for awhile but I can’t be the only person who hasn’t. So if you have just enjoy the recap. Also I will be talking about the idenity of gossip girl. If you don’t wanna see who it is then I’d click out now.

Fist off I honestly thought I’d hate this show. Starting the show I felt like it wasn’t something I’d like. But after a few episodes and all the drama throws at you (it’s a lot) I was hooked. 

My first impression of characters:

Honestly Dan was my favorite in the beginning. Chuck. Omg I hated him. His face literally made me angry. The way he acted was so obnoxious. I also wasn’t a big fan of Serena. She just seemed so flighty. But I was definitely rooting for her and Dan. Always have. Always will. I also didn’t like Nate. He cheated on Blare and that wasn’t okay. Blare, she was such a bitch. Hell she was until the last episode. I actually liked Lilly in the beginning. As well as Rufus. Jenny, was one of my favorites too. I hated Vanessa. I will never care for her. Chucks Dad is my least favorite of all the characters though. He reminds me of Dan Scott from One Tree Hill. Or at least Dan Scott from the first few seasons. 

My impression of characters after:

Let’s start with Dan again. He’s gossip girl! Seriously? It honestly made no sense even though I guessed it. In the last season I started hating him. So much. But you know what? I think I still love Dan. ❤️ And the fact that he married Serena makes me even more happy. Chuck? He slowly became my favorite guy on the show. Him and Blare are one of my favorite tv couples by far. I was rooting for them the whole show. He may of done some horrible things to Blare like selling her for a hotel and sleeping with Jenny. But he won me over in the last few seasons. Speaking of Jenny, she’s a bitch. A huge bitch. And the fact that she knew Dan was gossip girl made me angry. Nate, he became one of my favorite as well. He became a pretty good guy minus the bad business deals he made. Chucks Dad, I was honestly glad he fell off the building. Sorry. Not sorry. Lilly, the only thing that redeemed her for me was helping Chuck in the end. Vanessa left but I still hated her. Serena, well I don’t really know how I feel about her. She had grown so much but I still feel like she will always be flighty. Rufus, I still love him. He made of had a bad period with Ivy but I feel like he will always be a good guy. Ivy wasn’t in the first few season but that bitch needed to go from the start. Especially after we find out she really isn’t Serena’s cousin. 
I have to talk about the fact that Dan is gossip girl for a second. Like I said I guessed it was him but he did some awful things to himself and his family. Like why would you do that just for a blog? And it doesn’t really make any sense in a lot of situations. I started thinking it was him when Serena told Gossip Girl to meet her and Dan showed up. It obviously had to be him. 

Another thing is Chucks dad faking his own death. How on Gods earth did that son of a bitch pull that shit off? My husband called that and I was still so mind blown when it happened. I didn’t see it actually coming. 

The whole Ivy pretending to be Serena’s cousin Charile thing was just plain weird. Especially when she just kept up with it even after she got her money. 

The Dan Olivia Vanessa love triangle threesome thing. That was definitely not something I expected. Everyone acts like Dan is so ugly. So why did he end up with 2 girls at once?

Dan and Blare. I wasn’t okay with this. My husband rooted for it. But no just no. That’s just not who he’s supposed to be with. And Chuck needs Blaire. 

Rufus and Lilly have a kid together? Seriously not something I expected. And I never really got closure on this subject. It just wasn’t fully explained enough for me.

Chucks Mom. One of the bigger mysteries on the show. At least for me. Why did Bart lie? I wanted Chuck to have a relationship with his Mom so badly. I hated that she lied and said she wasn’t. I’m glad he figured out that she really was his Mom. But I wish he had found her again. 

Serena’s Dad. I hate him. So very much. I didn’t mention him in the characters because I really wanted to just talking about him himself. He turned her away, told Lilly she was still sick when she wasn’t, he lead Ivy on to get Lilly back, he was an ass to Rufus, ran from the cops, and honestly I feel like he did all of it just to get back with Lilly. Witch thank God didn’t happen. 

Over all I became obsessed with all the drama on the show and it is definitely a show to binge watch. Especially since Netflix has all the season. If you love drama or just a good story line then I highly recommend giving it a try. If you haven’t seen it and you are reading this then you already know who gossip girl is, tell me how it is watching knowing. Does it change the way the show is for you? I watched not knowing and it was a shocker. But at the same time I suspected Dan after that one episode. 

XoXo Gossip Girl.Oops sorry wrong blog again.

As always stay beautiful! ❤️

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