You Know Your a Mom Of A Toddler When….

I thought this would be a fun article to write! I hope you all enjoy it


When your child has a meltdown because you gave her a green lid instead of a pink one. Please just drink your milk. It’s a lid. Seriously.


When you give her sister the fruit snacks she said she didn’t want and she starts screaming and crying that they are hers and you must remove them from her sisters mouth this instant. Dude we have more chill out.


When you make the dinner they asked for and they tell you they don’t want it. They haste Mac and cheese. Please just eat your macaroni and cheese. You ate some 4 days ago and didn’t complain then.

When they tell you “I’m Elli I can do whatever I want.” Maybe this is just 3 year olds. But seriously kid I’m Mom and you do whatever I say. Without the attitude please.

When they ask for a bite of your food, hate it, gag, and almost puke after you said they wouldn’t. I told you kid. I guess you live and you learn.

When you tell them it’s bedtime and they ask for one more story, a snack, milk, potty break, another snack because they didn’t like the first one, a different blanket, the light on, the original snack you gave them because they want it now, the light off, another potty break, a refill on the milk you gave them 30 minutes ago, a kiss, a hug, another potty break, and the 15 stuffed animals out of the toy bin you just cleaned up. It’s 12 at night please child I’ll pay you 15 bucks to just go to sleep. 
When you cannot potty alone under any and I any circumstance. Yeah I totally love shitting with an audience. 
When you just spent an hour folding all the clothes and before you can put them away they unfold them, drag them into the living room, put some in the sink, and try and drowned the rest. Please just let me fold them. Just once. Please.

When they find the candy stash you’ve had for weeks, take it and hide in the corner trying to devour all of it before you catch them. Nora I’m onto you kid.

When you can’t just leave the house. You have to find shoes, a snack, a sippy, another sippy (I got two kids) , diapers, extra undies, wipes, maybe a change of clothes, a different snack just because the first one probably won’t be what they want, your keys, your purse, 16 toys, socks, hair tie, and finally your shoes. Need I say more?!

When you never get to eat dinner hot. Oh, you need help eating okay. Oh, you need more milk. No, you can’t poop in the cat box. No you can’t have a snack we are eating dinner. No I’m not getting up again. Fine one last potty break. I love cold food. Sarcasm? Yep.


When you cook a nice big meal and your child says “eww” to everything. Seriously, you can’t try one bite? Just one. You can watch YouTube if you do. Oh, you do like it. That’s what I thought. πŸ˜’

Honestly I could think of 100 more of these so let me know if you enjoyed this! Maybe I’ll do a part two! And as always stay beautiful! 


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